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The Durn Clan's banner and crest.
The Durn Clan's banner and crest.

The Durn Clan (Aliit Durn) was a small and diverse clan of Mandalorians from the planet of Ordo. They were primarily farmers from the equatorial regions of the planet, where they originated just prior the Mandalorian Wars. It was a predominantly human clan by blood, but several mixed species couples brought Echani, Morellian, and even Epicanthix blood into the fold. Some other non-near-humans were also adopted at several times, but never introduced into the bloodline for obvious reasons. The most notable non-near-human was Lynn Durn a Twi'lek adoptee, adoptive sister of Ten'ur and Arrik Bur'lei Durn. Despite millennia of survival and stability, the Clan never grew very numerous, it usually had approximately twenty immediate family members alive at one time, where as some clans had thirty to fifty. When it came down to warfare, the members of the Durn Aliit tended to focus their abilities as reconnaissance and raid style soldiers, making their way behind enemy lines both on the ground and even as marine boarding parties in space. Some members, such as Or'dek Durn also excelled in star fighter combat.

The Durn Clan's emblem which is found carved into the chest plates of the armor of it's members.
The Durn Clan's emblem which is found carved into the chest plates of the armor of it's members.



The Mandalorian Wars 3,976 BBY - 3,960 BBY

During the Mandalorian Wars the Durn Clan proved themselves by aiding the Mandalore in a large number of the battles fought. The Mandalorians during the War were almost unstoppable, however when the Jedi Revan took command of the Republic forces the Mandalorians began to loose their edge against the Republic. The Durn Clan members were assigned to a specific mission to raid an enemy battle cruiser containing critical information on Republic outposts in Mandalorian Space, these plans gave the Mandalorians a few key victories before the end of the War, but it would prove to not be enough. The War ended on Malachor V, no members of the Durn Clan were present.

The Great Galactic War 3,681 BBY - 3,653 BBY

The Great Galactic War was a turning point in Galactic history, and the Durn Clan followed suit. It was during this time that the Durn Clan first took place in a war that wasn't a Mandalorian conflict. It was during the Great Galactic War that the Sith Empire contracted the Mandalorian clans to aid them in their conquest of the Galaxy, and it was without a doubt that the Mandalorians proved to be indispensable allies. Although a lot of information from this time period is unknown what is known is that towards the end of the Great War Arrik Durn, a Durn Clan member, began his career as an assassin for hire.

The Cold War 3,653 BBY - 3,623 BBY

Not much is known about the Mandalorians during this time, much less the Durn Clan specifically. What is known is that they remained allied with the Sith Empire throughout the Cold War. During this time period Arrik Durn established his infamy as an assassin and information broker and became the first well known Durn Clan member in the greater Galaxy. He worked throughout the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic as well as third party entities such as Hutt Space. It is shortly after this period that the descendants of Echani Jedi Knight Vykun Rem married into the Durn clan.

Peace Time 3,622 BBY - 61 BBY

During these millenia the Durn Clan, without the need to go to war on foreign lands, returned to its roots as farmers. Throughout this time period the Clan prospered and thrived. The family home and colors were passed down through the generations and the morals and values taught in its ranks were strengthened.

The Mandalorian Civil War 60 BBY - 44 BBY

During the Mandalorian Civil War the Durn Clan sided with Jaster Mereel's "True Mandalorians" against the "Death Watch" faction, the members of the Clan proved to be key players in a few of the major conflicts, and this is where the Durn Clan went down a new path. After the War Jet'ur Durn became head of the Clan and he married a woman from Mandalore named Maysa.

The Clone Wars 22 BBY - 19 BBY

During the Clone Wars the members of the Durn Clan did what they had been doing for millenia, recon and raid. The only exception was the Battle of New Holstice, Or'dek's first conflict where he fought along side his father. Although by the end of this conflict and the War, the Mandalorians had suffered many losses, the Durn Clan was still intact.

Manda'yaim Resistance and the Galactic Civil War 2 BBY - 3.5 ABY (19 ABY)

During this time the Durn Clan members played key roles in the Mandalorian resistance back in Mandalorian Space. Or'dek had gone off-world after the Battle for Ordo and joined up with the Lokian Mandalorian Protectors. After some time with the Unit he left for Tatooine to help strengthen his career as a Bounty Hunter and continue to raise strength for Mandalore. Eventually Or'dek and another Mandalorian, Octe'as Recoid created the Creed, a Mandalorian Special Forces unit that was the dagger of the Resistance outside of Mandalorian Space.

The Colors and the Hereditary Tradition of the Clan

The Colors of the Durn Clan's armor and symbol were passed down for millenia, they are:

  • Blue: For Reliability. The Durn Clan members knew what their duty was to their people and knew that they would get that task done at any personal cost.
  • Black: For Justice. They held the ideals of Justice greatly. All Clan members would be taught this ideal as a child.
  • Grey: For Mourning the dead. This color was here to signify that the Clan members never forget those who have fallen in battle or otherwise.

Hereditary Tradition: Per Clan traditon, two ancient items are passed on to every clan leader, upon transition of leadership. The first was the right shoulder plate that belonged to the original founder of the Durn clan, within the clan wearing it symbolized the Durn Clan's sovereignty. The second item, although Or'dek never used it in combat was the lightsaber that belonged to the Echani Jedi Knight Vykun Rem, an ancestor of the Durns from the time of the galactic Cold War, it symbolizes the unprejudiced growth of the Clan from all walks of life, even the descendants of an Echani Jedi, what is ideologically the exact opposite of a Mandalorian.

Notable Clan Members

  • Arrik Durn: A Mandalorian Human-Morellian soldier and mechanic who later became a bounty hunter and mercenary that lived during the time of the Great Galactic War and the Cold War that followed the Treaty of Coruscant. During the years following the Treaty of Coruscant, Arrik established himself as an authority in his field, and the first infamous name to come from the Durn Clan.
  • Arrik Bur'lei Durn: The second born son of Or'dek Durn and half-brother of Ten'ur Durn. Arrik's mother was Isa Bur'lei, after marriage she took up the Durn surname.
  • Isa Bur'lei Durn: Or'dek's first love and a very important figure throughout Or'dek's life. They eventually married and had a son named Arrik Bur'lei Durn.
  • Jet'ur Durn: Or'dek Durn's father, born on Ordo, who fought in the Mandalorian Civil War, the Clone Wars and with the Mandalorian Resistance during the Galactic Civil War.
  • Lynn Durn: Or'dek Durn's adoptive child, a Twi'lek girl from Ryloth who eventually moved to Tatooine. She befriended Or'dek and was eventually adopted into his Clan. Towards the end of 2 ABY she was moved to Mandalore to help the Resistance.
  • Maysa Durn: Jet'ur's wife and Or'dek's mother, she was an excellent chef before the Imperial Era and fought in the Mandalorian Civil War, the Clone Wars and with the Mandalorian Resistance during the Galactic Civil War.
  • Or'dek Durn: Or'dek was a Mandalorian soldier and an assassin and information broker that lived and operated in the Outer Rim. This Mandalorian made his way to the Core Worlds more times than most Mandalorians, interestingly enough he took Bounties from the Empire. Most say he saw it as if it didn't matter where he got the Credits, it's all the same and went to Mandalore regardless.
  • Syla Durn: Or'dek Durn's sister who was separated from her family at a young age during the Battle for Ordo. She was adopted by foreigners and lost her Mandalorian roots. It was only until 2 ABY that she was reconnected with her brother and readopted her birth culture.
  • Ten'ur Durn: Ten'ur Durn was Or'dek's biological son born in the second month of 3 ABY to Or'dek and A'rai Durn. After the divorce of the parents Ten'ur went to live with Or'dek and was raised a Mandalorian but never was kept or stayed away from his mother. Ten'ur became a proud Mandalorian soldier and a top of the line assassin, following in his father's footsteps. Ten'ur would eventually have his own children and become head of the Durn Clan some three decades after his birth.
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