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Biographical information



Seems to be in his twenties

Physical description




  • Croatoa
  • The Croatoan
  • Croa
Marital Status






Skin Color


Hair Color


Eye Color


Horn Color

Dark Grey





  • Jato
  • "Croatoa" scarred on left forearm
  • Tattoo on back




Player Association






Primary Profession


Secondary Profession

Martial Artist

Tertiary Profession



"Do what you are compelled to do."-Croatoa

Croatoa is a Zabrak mercenary who lived during the Clone Wars as a Seperatist Commando and would go on during the Galactic Civil War as a mercenary. He was imprisoned by the Galactic Republic in the Valorum Center on Coruscant only to be released by the Galactic Empire twenty some years later. When in prison, Croatoa suffered from insanity and lost his memory, taking the name Croatoa from a word carved into his arm.



Early Years

Croatoa's original name is unknown but it is known that he was born and raised for most of his life on the home planet of his people, Iridonia. Events transpired where Croatoa was left without a mother or a father, and he was orphaned. During his time wandering the streets, he caught wind of stories about the great Jedi Knights, who sought to fight for peace and justice in the Republic. Upon reflection, Croatoa developed a hatred for the Jedi for not helping out the poor in anyway they could; seeing them as those who thought themselves to high to help those truly in need.

Military Career

When Croatoa became of age, he smuggled his way off world to Cato Neimoidia where he joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a commando. During the Clone Wars, he fought in many minor conflicts on the galactic battlefront. He also participated in many major battles playing a minor role such as the Battle of Ryloth, the Third Battle of Kamino, and the Battle of Devaron. He also served as a Confederate liaison to multiple terrorist cells across the galaxy.

Eventually, Croatoa was arrested while on a mission with one of these cells by the Coruscant Security Force for crime against the Republic. He was brought before the courts and pleaded insanity, to which he was denied and sent to prison in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center. Within a few weeks, Croatoa was granted permission to be moved to the Hesperidium Wing in the Valorum Center after faking hallucinations. He would stay in the Hesperidium Wing for many years after unsuccessful escapes. There he would develop schizophrenia, and truly become insane.


Croatoa would be released from the Valorum Center by the request of an unknown Imperial officer, who requested that Croatoa be released immediately after the doctors performed an examination to ascertain whether Croatoa was mentally and physically healthy. Upon examination, Croatoa was found to be mentally healthy as well as physically fit. He would be released and find his way to Mos Carova where he would spend most of his time trying to find work and make his way in the galaxy.

Personality and Traits

Physical Traits

The following is an official medical examination of Croatoa's physical status prior to his release from the Valorum Center.

Patient is extremely fit.  Perfect male specimen of his species, showing absolutely no signs of physical disability. Vision testing shows that his eyes have been modified in some form to
allow sight in both light and dark environments.  Hearing tests resulted in perfect hearing with no modifications or tampering in any sort.  Low amount of body fat contrasts sharply to the
large amount of muscle mass the patient has achieved.  Blood tests conducted revealed no use of narcotics or steroids in anyway.  Only inconsistency shown was medication prescribed by
medical staff during incarceration in asylum. Patient does have a small fallacy in left inner forearm with scars formed to spell"Croatoa". Source of fallacy unknown.

Psychological Profile

The following is an official medical examination of Croatoa's psychological status prior to his release from the Valorum Center.

Patient suffered from schizophrenia and psychosis. Patient was admitted to Hesperidium Wing of the Valorum Center to be treated. Patient suffered from severe amount of hallucinations and
mood shifts, believing that he was being bullied by another Iridonian identified as "Xiskai".  Records show that no patient with a matching name was ever admitted in the Hesperidium Wing.
Patient was also known to start fights with other patients believing them to be "Xiskai" and was often sent to solitary confinement.  Patient was released two weeks after Electroconvulsive
Therapy and prescribed medication to be taken daily.  Patient was prescribed Aripiprazole to be taken orally, but was later switched to Clozaril also to be taken orally. Patient was later
diagnosed with amnesia, but any and all symptoms of schizophrenia and psycosis were eradicated. Patient could not recall events prior to the point of admittance into Hesperidium Wing.
Patient was released from Hesperidium Center by personal request of <error: file erased>. Patient soon derived name "Croatoa" from scarring on inner forearm, source of which is unknown.
Patient has since recovered and has been cured.

Scarification & Tattoos

Croatoa is relatively clean of scarring of any sort that indicates signs of battle or conflict in anyway. He has a the word "Croatoa" scratched into his arm as if by some sharp object. The meaning of this word is unclear, but he derives his name from it anyway. On his back is a large symbol that has been tattooed. The symbol seems to be of a religious purpose but again the symbol matches no known records and seems to serve little to no purpose apart from identification.

Croatoa's Tattoo.
Croatoa's Tattoo.

Force Information

If one with skill in the Force were to read the aura of Croatoa, they would find a large amount of untrained grey energy. If they decide to dig deep enough, they would find massive amounts of trained Dark Side energy. The grey energy is caused by Croatoa's unawareness of the Force due to his amnesiac state, while the Dark Side energy comes from his training with the Seperatist Commandos. He is unable to use the Force in his current state with the exception of acting on instinct. His skills are little to nothing compared to a trained Force wielder.

Training & Skills

Most of the skills and training Croatoa has received has been learned during his time with the Seperatist Commandos. Unless indicated otherwise, it is unlikely he knows that he has these skills. Bold words indicate that the skill or training had been taught to him by the Seperatist military.

Formal Education

Croatoa has received no formal education of any sorts.

Combat Training

Teras Kasi Martial Arts
Ranged Weapon Combat
Long-range Sniper Combat
Melee Combat
Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Training

Force Sensitive Knowledge

Croatoa has no knowledge of the Force in his current state and cannot use the Force to it's fullest extent. The following information is based off incidents where he has used the Force on instinct.

Dark Side Powers

Force Choke
Force Lightning

Neutral Powers

Force Speed
Force Jump
Instinctive Astrogation
Instinctive Navigation
Force Track


Custom Sword

Croatoa's Sword
Croatoa's Sword

Modified FWG5 Blaster Pistol

Croatoa's FWG5
Croatoa's FWG5
  • Charge Capacitor with a recharge rate of 7 rounds per second
  • Fires 80 rounds
  • Duranium Construction
  • Capable of stun and kill shots

Modified DC-19 "Stealth" Carbine

  • Capable of firing suppressed rounds
  • Neuranium alloy
  • Modified tibanna gas cartridges allows for invisible shots
  • High pressure tibanna gas gives regular shots a green color


Croatoa wears little to no armor, preferring light padded material to metal armor. The only equipment that matches the definition of "armor" is his chestplate and gauntlets. He also wears a Nomex undersuit under his clothing and armor at all times, thus regulating his body temperature and fire resistant in the covered areas. The gauntlets were discovered in a beskar lock box in a high security vault when Croatoa went to retrieve his personal items upon release from the Valorum Center.


  • Cortosis weave
  • Symbol on front matches tattoo on his back



Right Forearm

Retractable Vibroblade
Grappling line
Beskar make

Left Forearm

Built in Datapad
Beskar make


Right Hand

Symbol on the top is the same as the tattoo on his back

Left Hand

Built in Imagecaster Hologram Projector linked to wrist datapad


The tattoo on Croatoa's back is the symbol of the album Believe by the heavy metal band Disturbed. The symbol represents religious unity and features the Wiccan Pentacle, the Catholic Cross, the Jewish Star of David, and the Islamic Crescent.
The name "Croatoa" is derived from the word "Croatoan." The word is associated with the Roanoke Colony, which was a colony established on July 22, 1587. The colony's leader, John White, returned from an expedition to the Caribbean to discover that the inhabitants mysteriously disappeared on August 18, 1590. The only evidence found was the word "Croatoan" which was carved onto a post of the fort. There were no signs of struggle and no traces of the colony's 90 men, 17 women, and 11 children. White had instructed them that if anything happened to them, they should carve a Maltese cross on a tree nearby, indicating that their disappearance had been forced. As there was no cross, White took this to mean they had moved to Croatoan Island, but he was unable to conduct a search. This has formed the basis for the "Lost Colony" myth to which there are many theories regarding what had happened to the colonists.
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