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Holowood Galactic Studios
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Tergill, Naboo

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Entertainment Studio

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March 5th, 2006



"I have enjoyed many of the HGS holos. They are a great learning tool for me. I very much enjoy learing all I can about various dances and instruments. So having a group like HGS that shares my enjoyment for dancing makes me happy."Greeata Jendowanian (( RPed by Pex )).

Our culture is fun, innovation and Role Play.

Think of all the laughter, joy, role play and thrills that have come from this one place, HGS. Premiers, performances, weddings, parties, collaborations with other organizations & individuals, events, Cross-server events and more!

Ideas are encouraged, innovation is applauded, and excellence rewarded. HGS welcomes highly motivated individuals with strong communication skills and a passion for the game. There's always room for talented and creative people!




HGS Premier Opening.
HGS Premier Opening.

Holowood Galactic Studios was originally born on the Sunrunner server on Sunday night, March 5th 2006 – the same night as the 78th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. The concept behind HGS was simple: a guild of friends that shared the same interest. There were only two people in the guild at the time, Nallu & Marlon (plus their alts).

After the NGE, they were both guildless. They love role play, but it was difficult to enjoy the game because a lot of their friends had left. They decided to create a guild so they could communicate in guildchat. Nallu is an Elder Dancer & Musician and at the time she role played as a B-list holo actress unable to get a job because she didn’t fit into the model of a “beauty”. Marlon was an ex-Bounty Hunter. He jokingly suggested that they should create a guild called "Nallu’s Entourage <NE>". That was the first time an entertainment guild sparked their interest.

Their guild is a role play guild. Its in-character reason for existing is that it’s an entertainment “studio”. The studio includes many professions and different factions. Marlon and Nallu had alts between the two of them, who they role played as set designers, physicians, costume designers and undercover Jedi hiding their identity behind a somewhat mainstream company. The guild’s storyline and inspiration came from the 2005 King Kong movie directed by Peter Jackson. They role played a company that traveled to exotic places to film the best movie scenes (out of character-wise, they were doing in-game quests). Nallu was an actress and Marlon was her Manager whom everyone called “Big Boss Mar” (BBM).

When they decided to come up with a name for the guild, Nallu suggested “Holo Inter-Steller Studios” <HISS>. Then she came up with Holowood Galactic Studios <HGS>. The name was inspired by the city of Hollywood, space, old movie studios such as Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Paramount Pictures, & Columbia, by the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM), Exotic Entertainer's Union and notable entertainers from The Star Wars Expanded Universe.

HGS logos.
HGS logos.

The Brand

Marlon suggested creating an HGS Guildportal website because the Roleplayers of Sunrunner is on Guildportal. Nallu chose a black background on the website to push the graphics into the back so information can visually pop out. The inspiration came from old black and white Hollywood movies. The colors of the hyperlinks were inspired by in-game clothes that Altone & Nallu wore at the time - light purple and light green. Those colors would later be used for HGS costumes. Nallu chose a san serif typeface for the body copy on the forums and used the Star Wars typeface for the signage on the rotating banners.

The HGS logo has the ability to change form. The idea is to have a fluid identity, which allows for many applications (print or motion graphics) and themes.


Greeata Jendowanian at an HGS event.
Greeata Jendowanian at an HGS event.

HGS has performed at many events, met numerous friends, and welcomed them into the studio located in Nallu's empty bunker in the city of Permanence on Tatooine. They didn’t have a city or a guildhall. It was a long drive to guild new members since there was no were no local shuttleport. They later moved to an established role play city in Rielig Steppes on Dantooine. Marlon dropped a guildhall down and afterwards they found a home in R’n’R Retreat on Rori.

Many of the events were based on what the Events Manager, Pex, calls a Themed holiday. A celebration of a real-world holiday with a Star Wars twist. Events ran weekly and holiday events usually featured Live Interactive support from Pex who role played canon Star Wars characters.

A New Chapter

HGS & Shadow Alliance final event on Sunrunner.
HGS & Shadow Alliance final event on Sunrunner.

The departure of Pex and the discontinuation of Live Interactive support in SWG affected HGS role play and events significantly. With many role players leaving Sunrunner for various reasons, HGS relocated to Shadow Alliance on Talus. However, this was short lived. The leaders of HGS and Shadow Alliance could no longer role play when Sunrunner could no longer reach sustainable role play. Role players disappeared rapidly and recruitment was at a stand still.

Shadow Alliance and HGS co-hosted a bittersweet final event on Sunrunner (July 18, 2008) before both groups transferred to the Starsider galaxy in search of a new place to call home.


  • 1. Holowood Galactic Studios is an entertainment studio. (( It is the Star Wars equivalent of the Paramount Pictures, Ford Models, and MGM)). It hires talented individuals in the field of acting, medicine, combat arts, trade, and shipping. (( HGS members role play as bodyguards, personal trainers, doctors, costume designers, stunt coordinators or anything that their imagination lends itself to )).
  • 2. HGS was created a few years after the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War.
  • 3. Although HGS was recently introduced to the galactic stage, it has earned its notoriety as the “Premier Entertainment Studio” within the Alliance and Imperial radar. Despite rumors of its members being spice addicts, its members are committed to being professional performers (( ATK )).
  • 4. HGS is often asked to perform for other companies, organizations, cities, and even politicians. These events include birthday parties, city anniversaries, venue openings, event planning, wedding performances, and holiday celebrations. HGS is also one of the few entertainment studios that is authorized by Imperial authorities to deal directly with criminal organizations such as the one operated by Jabba the Hutt.
  • 5. The current top leaders of HGS are Nallu Koras and Marlon Denali, both of whom serve as Presidents. Below them are the Vice Presidents and Talent Agents who are delegated with own responsibilities.
  • 6. Each HGS employee, including all combat trainers, are given work permits (( job title )). Unbeknownst to the studio, some employees find it useful in distracting Rebel Intelligence and or Imperial Authorities.
  • 7. HGS recieved official Lightsaber & Jedi Costume Accreditation from Inquisitor Adalric Cessius Brandl. The Studio uses top quality lightsaber prop replicas and authentic Jedi and factional costumes. Certain films require actors to take on the role of Jedi or a member of a specific faction. It will be the duty of the costume designers to produce the most authentic wardrobe that can be produced. (( This is especially helpful when the guild has it’s semi-OOC studio outings to help members level or acquire loot. OOC-wise, HGS members are questing; IC-wise, the studio is filming a movie, without having to risk exposing their allegiance or true identities. )).
  • 8. Once Emperor Palatine rose to power and instituted the Galactic Empire, new xenophobic policies cost many non-human sentients their livelihoods. Early on, HGS was created as an underdog entertainment studio, hiring aliens who could not find work within the mainstream media due to the widespread discrimination against non-humans.
  • 9. The studio is on diplomatic terms with Emperor Palatine. He carefully monitors each film produced and tries to coerce the studio to produce propaganda pieces that he believes will restore order and help to crush the Rebel force's efforts to recruit new members. The studio is also on diplomatic terms with members of the Rebellion, who are determined to use the fame and talents of HGS to help put an end Palpatine's tyrannical reign and restore freedom to fellow discriminated aliens.
  • 10. The studio does its best to remain out of the Galactic Civil War. Allegiance to a particular faction is bad for business and cuts off work opportunities. However, there are individual Imperial loyalist and Rebel sympathizers secretly embedded within the studio. Under the guise of an employee within an entertainment studio, some members serve the Alliance undercover or serve the Empire vigilantly. Some members use celebrity staged rivalry, petty holonet tabloids, or play dumb to distract the Imperial authorities and or Rebel intelligence from their true motives.
  • 11. Jabba the Hutt has issued a statement saying [in Huttese] “This studio is my kind of thing to watch, entertaining and thrilling. I will personally see to it that every single member come perform at my palace. Ho, ho ho ho ho... Bring me Denali and the Playdosh model”.

Celebrity Appearances

Before May 1st, 2008 players could request Live Interactive support through Event Manager Pex. He role played canon or non-canon Star Wars characters at player events. These sessions typically lasted for one hour. Pex made every event memorable for HGS.

Imperial Inquisitor Adalric Cessius Brandl.
Imperial Inquisitor Adalric Cessius Brandl.
"Theater can hold great sway over an audience. It can educate. It can bring the hidden to the light." – Adalric Cessius Brandl
  • Bib FortunaShadow Night Festival was hosted by HGS & Zilda in the Sunrunner server. Live interactive support was provided by Pex, who played the the Twi'lek majordomo, Bib Fortuna.
"Nallu, I will expect you at the palace. A deal between Jabba and HGS could be lucrative." – Bib Fortuna
"HGS would make an excellent addition to the entertainments already contracted to Jabba. Max Rebo, for example, might record for your label." – Bib Fortuna
  • Boss NassMid-Year Festival was hosted by HGS in the Sunrunner server. Live interactive support was provided by Pex, who played the Ankura Gunga, Boss Nass. Similar to a Cantina Crawl, we traveled to three different locations.
"Meesa happiest to be here. A surprise to sees so manies here." – Boss Nass
"I am as big a fan as ever, Nallu. Just don't tell the guild." – Bossk
"Be well. If you have more...trouble...like lassst time, I am at your ssservice. A corpse would be a fitting gift on our planet." – Bossk
"In this time of galactic war, it is vital that cities such as this shine as an example of the power of the Empire." – Darth Vader
  • Ewok ElderPatron Day was hosted by HGS on June 12th, 2007 in the Sunrunner server. Live interactive support was provided by Pex, who played the non-canon Elder Ewok character.
"Every tree on my world can be a way to connect you to the Father Tree, who is the Father of all things." – Ewok Elder
  • Greeata JendowanianHolowood Galactic Studios 2-Year Anniversary was hosted by HGS and friends on March 3rd, 2008 in the Sunrunner server. Players traveled to 3 different cities that night, all of which have served as home to the studio. The anniversary featured the appearance of Greeata Jendowanian, played by Events Manager, Pex. It was a night of role playing, dancing, music and fireworks. New Player Senator, Jod_Iegemai, was also in attendance.
"I admire the dances of many species. Your interpretations of the Trandoshan dances are well done. Would you mind if....well...I got an autograph?" – Greeata says to Ahn'issk
Speaker-Above-All, Hadocrassk.
Speaker-Above-All, Hadocrassk.
  • HadocrasskHsskor New Year was celebrated on February 10th, 2008 in the city of Malice on Lok in the Sunrunner server. Live interactive support was provided by our Events Manager, Pex. He played the character Hadocrassk, who was a male Trandoshan and the Speaker-Above-All of Trandosha prior to the start of the Clone Wars.
"I have seen a few of Nallu's holo-movies. It would be a shame if something should happen to her. I am pleased she has a protector such as yourself." – Hadocrassk says to Sakkra
  • Han Solo – HGS and the city of R'n'R Retreat, Rori hosted a Spooky Night at the Tropico Cantina on October 24, 2006 in the Sunrunner server. Special guest included Han Solo, played by Pex.
"I'd like to stay, but I know those Imps are calling in troopers and I don't want to cause you any trouble." – Han Solo
"I recall the last shipment was not late, but it was light. I overlooked that as oeveragressive pilots." – Jabba the Hutt
  • MallatobuckLife Day was hosted by HGS and friends on December 11th, 2007 in the Sunrunner server. Players joined in the celebration to hear about the beginnings of HGS and R'n'R Retreat city. They received Life Day goodies, participated in a fishing contest, heard Lona share a touching tale of the Woshyr Trees, which was originally told by Senator MoyaWookiee. Pex provided live interactive support as he role played as Chewbacca's wife, Mallatobuck. Community Manager, Valara, joined the festivities.
"Though I cannot stay long, my husband has arranged for us to meet. We have not been apart for Life Day since we have been married." – Mallatobuck
  • Obi-Wan KenobiPharple Day was celebrated on November 16, 2006 in the Sunrunner server. Live interactive support was provided by our Events Manager, Pex. He played the character Obi-Wan Kenobi, who appeared as a Blue Glowie.
"Take what you have in your hearts tonight, take the power of the Force that flows between you all and do not let it go." – Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Singing Mountain Clan Arch Witch – HGS co-hosted Zilda & Raelimar's Dathimorian Wedding on Rielig Steppes, Dantooine in the Sunrunner server. Live Interactive support was provided by Pex, who role played as a Singing Mountain Clan Arch Witch.
"An outsider man strong, intelligent, worthy" – Singing Mountain Clan Arch Witch
  • Watto – The 2008 Calendar Release Party was hosted by HGS on April 22nd, 2008 in the Sunrunner server. This was an event to celebrate the release of the 2008 HGS Calendars. The event was held at the Tropico Cantina in R'n'R Retreat, Rori. The Calendar Release Party featured the appearance of the Toydarian merchant, Watto, played by Events Manager, Pex. That story is that the infamous junk dealer has a huge affinity for calendars and had to be among the first ones to have an HGS calendar in his collection. The New Player Senator, Jod_Iegemai, was also in attendance.
"Yeah, I've been lookin' all over for you. Where's my invitation Nallu? No calendars, no deal!" – Watto


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HGS Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Adasra
  • A'dele
  • Ahn'issk
  • Akamba Altmoor
  • Amul'ette
  • Azlaya Neomi
  • Binaca
  • Breelas Fai'nok
  • Breshe Hou'Kre
  • Celox Scorpio - Deceased
  • Ceera
  • Chewjowwrrlykam
  • Crescendo
  • Daedd Nightwatcher
  • Doulma
  • Etika Starshine
  • Essku
  • Gidia Fodri - Deceased
  • Ib-Eva
  • Isaias
  • Jeevik
  • Jitobuck'
  • Kayet
  • Kaalvin
  • Khalana
  • Lona' Valamari
  • Lorshenar Shi'valas
  • Mandash Grim
  • Mallayydrrl'
  • Nahael
  • Nallu Koras
  • Niuk Kiuv
  • Noona Illicien
  • Ny'kita Strummer
  • O'erg Bosco
  • Orixs
  • Pappeto
  • Raiyna
  • Raveen Greepolce
  • Rhyse'ra QaVam
  • Risse Ovav
  • Rivoovaf
  • Ronin'jekknai' Medjai
  • Rorrwarr
  • Ro'tarra
  • Sahra
  • 'Sakkra Dsshnrr
  • Senja
  • Stizzi Death
  • Tab' Hunter
  • Thistle Crowe
  • Thash'
  • Troorean Badp
  • Upnau
  • Venia
  • Vii'Vu Ti'Vu
  • Zachariah' Freelight
  • Zaminah Pelicio
  • Zanara Iomih
  • Zergeist
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