Inverse Proportion

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Inverse Proportion
Production information

Aggressive Reconnaissance-170 Starfighter



Technical specifications

14.5 meters


22.85 meters

Engine unit(s)

Modified MandalMotors "Inferno"

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 1.5
  • Backup: Class 22
Power output


Power plant

BlasTON Shipyards Sun STAR X5


Protecto-Net Shield (2054.9)

  • Forward-mounted Rendili Advanced Blasters (2)
  • Concussion missile launcher (1)
  • 1 pilot
  • 1 Astromech droid
Cargo capacity

400 kg


14 days


Long-range reconnaissance



"Still, you have to respect whoever designed a starfighter with guns bigger than the rest of the ship."

The Inverse Proportion was a heavily retrofitted ARC-170 which saw use during the Galactic Civil War in the exploration of distant and oftentimes abandoned worlds.



The Clone Wars

Although the full service history of the vessel during the Clone Wars has been lost to time, it can be assumed that the original crew had been standard clone pilots dispatched to scout remote systems, perhaps in search of the hidden Separatist Council as early as 20 BBY.

What is known for certain is that the ship sustained crippling damage in the Rannon system and made a forced landing on the system's primary world, also called Rannon. The fate of the clone crew is unknown, but a nonfunctioning astromech droid was still in the ship's droid port when the wreckage was discovered in 2 ABY.


The wrecked starfighter was found when Tisiphone Moreau, a relic hunter operating during the time of the Galactic Civil War, mistook the swath cut into the forest during the ship's crash for an ancient road concealed under the trees. Having come to Rannon in search of valuable Sith artifacts, the explorer set her own ship down in the cleared scar and followed the "road" to its end. Rather than coming upon a Sith temple as she hoped, she was instead met by the sight of the wrecked ship, by then overgrown with vines and brush. Her record indicates that no trace of the clone pilots was found near the crash site.

The value of salvageable Republic technology was arguably nearly as much as Sith relics, so Tisiphone called in several favors and within the week the damaged ARC-170 had been raised from the forest floor and hauled off to a spacedock to be dismantled and sold as parts. However, once the dirt and vegetation had been cleared away it was apparent that the damage was not nearly as bad as it had at first seemed. The port engine was a total loss and the astromech had fused the droid socket into useless slag when it had been hit by blaster fire, but beyond this most of the ship had suffered only minor damage.

Tisiphone revised her plan. Rather than selling the ship she would have it rebuilt and reconfigured for her own use. The ARC-170 was an ideal vessel for her chosen work: smaller than her YT-1300 light freighter but still capable of making extended trips through hyperspace it would have served well in situations where a larger vessel would be impractical or might draw unwanted attention. It was also rugged enough to handle the rigors of exploration and combat.

Spending what Tisiphone termed a "small fortune" on repairs and modifications, the ship was fully functional and ready for use within three months. The intended meaning of the ship's new name, Inverse Proportion, is not known, but popular theory suggests that it is a reference to the size of the starfighter's primary weapons and their relationship to the confidence of the men who designed it. Given Tisiphone's apparent contempt for the majority of her species, this humorous interpretation may also hold an element of truth.

Regardless of its name, the Proportion served Tisiphone unfailingly throughout their time together. Notably, it was the ship she used during the quest to find Tyranna's Tear as well as the vessel she was piloting at the discovery of the tombs of Darth Arialle and her apprentice Darth Spiranth. At the end of the explorer's career the Proportion was donated to the Coronet Museum of Galactic History where it hung over a display of many other artifacts which Tisiphone had recovered.


The retrofitting of the Inverse Proportion in 2 ABY was intended to carry the original role of the ARC-170 as a long-range starfighter to its extreme conclusion. Where the ship had been intially designed to carry three crewmembers, the Proportion's mid-ship cockpit was cleared to make space for an emergency class 22 hyperdrive in case the original class 1.5 drive were to fail. The entirety of the vessel's proton torpedo bay in the lower half of the fuselage was converted into a functional cargo hold, designed to transport a BARC or other speeder bike for use while planetside and leaving enough room to carry relics and other artifacts back to civilization. The original engines were replaced with a pair of prototype MandalMotors "Inferno" engines, which were further modified to achieve a truly impressive performance-to-mass ratio (this ratio may provide a second interpretation of the ship's name), and the deflector shields were strengthened against nebula storms, solar flares and blaster fire.

Because the craft was originally intended for three crewmembers, reconfiguring the ship for a single pilot effectively tripled the life support capabilities. The rear gunner's seat was left intact, allowing for the seldom-used option of carrying a single passenger, but it appears that the single rear turret was given over to the astromech droid to defend the ship from hostile native wildlife while landed and unattended by the pilot.

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