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Ma'rrik Quee
Biographical information

Galactic Horizon herd-ship, Ithor Orbit

Date of Birth

59 BBY


62 GSY

Date of Death


Physical description






Marital Status



6' 1"


170 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color




Player Association


Primary Profession


Secondary Profession

Jedi Consular

Force Powers and Feats
Accelerate Healing




Affect Mind


Control Disease


Detoxify Poison


Magnify Senses




Sense Force







"I can merely show you the door to your potential. I cannot force you through it."

Ma'rrik Quee (pronounced Kwee) was an Ithorian Jedi Consular who trained under the human Jedi Master Justinus Sensus many years prior to the Clone Wars. He was active prior to and during the Clone Wars, disappearing shortly after the Wars' end. It is rumored that he is currently in hiding along the Outer Rim.



Beginnings: 59 BBY - 57 BBY

Ma'rrik was born to the Quee herd, aboard their herdship, the Galactic Horizon, orbiting the planet Ithor in 59 BBY. The young Ithorian possessed a natural affinity for the the Force, an affinity on which his parents acted two years later, eventually contacting the Jedi Order and offered their son for training. They wished for their son to have a better life, serving the galaxy, much like many of their ancestors have done before them.

A Jedi representative did come, and after evaluations, took the Ithorian to Coruscant. After further evaluations by the Jedi Council, Ma'rrik was accepted into the Order and began his training as a Jedi Initiate, also known as a "youngling".

Youngling: 57 BBY - 46 BBY

"Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge. And even if you succeed, it's a hard life." - Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jiin.

During his time as a youngling, Ma'rrik recieved the basic, albeit crucial, training to become a Jedi. These basic instructions ranged from practicing basic Force application, such as making small items levitate, and instruction in lightsaber form known as Form I: Shii-Cho.

A Jedi Master, a human named Justinus Sensus, would occasionally watch the children in their classes. At other times, he voluntarily instructed them. But one student in particular caught his eye. He would keep an eye on the Ithorian over the course of his training until 46 BBY, in which he partitioned to take Ma'rrik under his wing as his Padawan.

Padawan: 46 BBY - 33 BBY

"The path to become a Jedi Knight is a long and arduous one, but I have utmost confidence that you will succeed." - Justinus Sensus.

As of 46 BBY, Ma'rrik began studying directly under Master Sensus. Sensus' training regime was strenuous, but it enabled the Jedi Master to pinpoint what his student's true talents were. The Ithorian could hold his own in lightsaber combat, but his true strengths were in the fields of command over the Force and diplomacy. Since, Sensus began to cultivate that talent. One of Sensus' earliest lessons was: "Remember the basics."

Trials; Onto Knighthood: 33 BBY - 28 BBY

Trial of Skill: 33 BBY

Ma'rrik's Trial took place on the planet Taanab, in a starport. Ma'rrik was dispatched to the planet to settle a dispute between the starport's operator and a local company that sells repair parts. Master Sensus dispatched the Ithorian alone, not expecting any danger, and feeling his Padawan had appropriate skill to reach a decision peacefully.

The two sides were headstrong and stubborn, but Ma'rrik convinced the starport's operator to agree on a business deal with the local company. However, the company had other ideas. Intent on gaining a deal through whatever means necessary, technicians sabotaged a crane holding a large cargo container. Ma'rrik intervened, being able to keep the container afloat with the Force long enough so the civilians nearby could get away. Afterwards, he had those who issued the order arrested, and found a new business deal for the starport operator.

Trial of the Flesh: 32 BBY

Ma'rrik underwent this Trial when his long time friend and fellow Padawan, Audrellia Aiel, was slain on her first Trial in late 31 BBY. Greatly saddened by this loss, Ma'rrik spent his time away from others, meditating in solitude. One night, he felt a familiar Force presence brush against his mind, and then vanish a second later. Ma'rrik realized that his friend wouldn't want him sitting and mourning her, instead, taking missions and protecting others.

Silently, in the meditation chamber, Ma'rrik sent a final apology, for not being able to protect her, and a final thank you for the vision of clarity.

Trial of the Spirit: 30 BBY

"Facing the mirror." '- Jedi Master Even Piell.

The Trial of the Spirit took place as a mission to find a lost Jedi Knight, sent to invesitate a disturbance in the Force on the Outer Rim. Ma'rrik was one of the few Jedi stationed at the Temple to spare, and was hence chosen for the mission. Exploring the entire Outer Rim was near impossible, and it took numerous weeks of investigation and inquiring to discover the lost Jedi ventured last, the planet of Drongar. Ma'rrik set out immediately.

Drongar itself was turmoil, and it proved difficult to sense with the Force. The surface was wracked by monsoons and the air itself plagued with spores that are lethal if inhaled. Using the Force, Ma'rrik was able to protect himself by warding away the spores. Beyond the Qarohan Steppes, Ma'rrik reached out in the Force and discovered a cave which responded, slowly ebbing with a faint Force energy, perhaps the lost Jedi.

The cave was gripped in the darkside, a tugging and prickling sensation hung about the Ithorian as he descended. At the depths, Ma'rrik discovered a still lake, it's waters like black glass, and the missing Jedi--dead, at it's shores. As Ma'rrik knealt over the body of the fallen Jedi, the darkside washed over him. A voice whispered, promising power enough to make his friend relive; he only had to collapse the wall about him and give in. Struggling, Ma'rrik began to meditate, when, yet again, a familiar Force presence brushed against his mind faintly, a small shining beacon in darkness. Ma'rrik opened himself to the Force completely and the darkside influence was dispelled, not only from him, but it was removed from the cavern and the lake completely.

Taking the body of the fallen Jedi, Ma'rrik made his way back to his vessel and departed Drongar.

Trial of Courage: 28 BBY

"This time, you act. I will follow." - Justinus Sensus.

In 28 BBY, a refueling space station in the Outer Rim was under siege by pirates, intent on claiming the station for their own. Ma'rrik was once again dispatched, this time with his Master, to the station. When they arrived, they saw the whole picture. The station was battered, surviving three days of relentless assaults and bording attempts, but the security team and security droids were able to fend off the would-be invaders. However, the station was slowly losing power, and the inhabitants feared the next assault would be the last.

No assault came. The pirates instead, have demanded the station to hand over any person of "worth", engineers especially. Ma'rrik volunteered himself and handed himself over to the pirates, transferred onto the leader's vessel, despite the possibility of no survival. The leader, a very crass human, was overjoyed with the notion of a Jedi prisoner. He was, however, not unreasonable, and Ma'rrik began to negotiate with him.

Before peace negotiations could be finalized, a mutiny erupted with the crew. The pirate leader's first mate was unsatisfied with peace and surrender, and killed his former captain with a shot to the head. Nearly half the crew revolted with him, gunning down their former crew-mates. The first mate declared that he would kill the Jedi and sell the body to whoever would want it, and would assume the assault on the station thereafter. And with his cocky attitude, the first mate fired at Ma'rrik. The Ithorian used his lightsaber to deflect the blaster shots away from himself and then disarmed the first mate by cutting the barrel off the pistol, rendering it useless. Without having to resort to more violence, Ma'rrik got the pirates to surrender and be apprehended.

Jedi Knight: 27 BBY

"Step forward, Padawan. Ma'rrik Quee, by the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, I dub thee, Jedi Knight of the Republic." - the Knighting Ceremony.

After completing his Trials, Ma'rrik was announced a Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order. During this time, Ma'rrik continued to perform duties to the Republic, mostly diplomatic missions. At other times, he observed instruction of Younglings and offered wisdom and aid. After watching one particular interest, Ma'rrik took interest in a Youngling and petitioned to take her as his Padawan. As his petition was granted, Ma'rrik took the Lowen Youngling, Sa'vana'tel Idos, as his Padawan.

He acted upon the girl's strength, which mirrored his own, and taught her to see and harness the potential within herself and in others. He praised her unorthodox method of thinking and solving problems and her ability to improvise and plan quickly. However, he cautioned her against her feeling that every problem was personal, and emphasized on restraining her rather brash attitude.

The Clone Wars: 22 BBY - 19 BBY

"I remember a time when the Jedi were not called upon as generals and soldiers. A sad thing, indeed, when war becomes a part of everyday reality." -Ma'rrik reflecting on the war.

Taking the Stands: The Battle of Geonosis: 22 BBY

"Many brothers and sisters, friends and companions were lost today.....and I fear they are the first of many."

Both Ma'rrik and Sa'vana'tel were amongst the two hundred and twelve Jedi dispatched to Geonosis. Alongside their fellows, they fought against the Separatists battle droids. While both survived the mission, Sa'vana'tel was injured by a stray explosion, which left scars and the fact that not even Jedi were safe from the damages of war. Though the battle was considered a success and victory in the Republic's favor, Ma'rrik personally considered it a loss, due to the high number of casualties, injuries and the fact that the Jedi have entered the war as, as he saw it, a militant arm of the Republic.

Losses: The Battle of Duro: 20 BBY

As with Geonosis, Ma'rrik and Sa'vana'tel were present during the Battle of Duro. It was this battle that sparked a turning point in both the war and within Master and Padawan. The battle, a decisive victory on the behalf of the General Grievous, changed the outlook upon the war, with Grievous himself emerging as a great threat aimed at the Republic.

During the battle, Sa'vana'tel turned brash and aggressive, despite the heeds and warnings of her Master. Observing such a change, Ma'rrik tried to reason with her, but he was unable to completely dispell her emotions, and to protect her further from the effects of the war.

Siege: Siege of Saleucami: 19 BBY

"I had thought I could keep her from succumbing to the throes of battle and I failed."

Once more, Master and studen fought side by side, partaking in the Siege of Saleucami. No longer were they combating only droids, but organics as well, in the form of Morgukai clones. With the prescence of the Morgukai, Sa'vana'tel grew even more aggressive, remarking that they were "more enjoyable to cut down than emotionless droids." As she fought, she shut out her Master completely, and used her emotions for power, as well as feeding off the fear of the clones and the Morgukai.

Master and student were seperated amidst the tide of fighting and as Ma'rrik fought his way, searching for his student, he watched as Sa'vana'tel resorted to the dark side to fend off her opponents. She released volleys of Force Lightning to cut down those who opposed her. Her power was short-lived, however, as she was rushed by a wave of Morgukai. Outnumbered and trapped, she was cut down.

Ma'rrik survived the siege, battered, injured and saddened for not being able to prevent the death of his student. He retrieved her lightsaber and kept it in her memory ever since.

Aftermaths and Betrayals: Order 66: 19 BBY

"The time has come. Execute Order 66." - Palpatine issuing Order 66.

Ma'rrik was back on Coruscant when Order 66 was carried out. As the Jedi Temple was stormed, Ma'rrik was in the archives when he heard the sounds of blaster fire and the snap-hiss of lightsaber activation. By instinct, he gathered who he could, mostly several younglings and apprentices, and lead them to the rotunda chapel. It was not long until the chapel was under attack by clones. Ma'rrik stood between the clone troops and the younglings, like a wall. He only activated his lightsaber as the clones opened fire, reflecting the bolts and used Force Wave, a more potent form of Force Push, to repel the attackers. More and more clones came and Ma'rrik did his best to protect the others, using wave after wave, but he was no match to the eventual swarm and was shot down by the clones. The others were shot down without hesitation or mercy.

This was not the end, however, as Ma'rrik feigned death by falling into a death-like state of healing; the healing trance. He awoke from the trance several days later and, alarmed at the brutality and effieciency of the attack, fled the temple into Coruscant's underlevels.

In time, Ma'rrik would leave Coruscant for the Outer Rim.

The Galactic Civil War: (2 ABY-19 ABY):

"The abolishment of the Jedi was our own fault. Some of us had thought the Jedi to be above mere defeat or death, blind to the facts that everything, even Jedi, have their ends. The ignorance and arrogance in proclaiming themselves essentially invincible was matched only by how swiftly the order was executed. While I weep for the loss of life and brethren, I cannot say that this tragedy was forced onto us...." -Ma'rrik reflecting upon Order 66 and the after effects.

Once he arrived in the Outer Rim, Ma'rrik took to wandering. He frequented poor and oppressed communities often, bringing whatever food and supplies he could gather. He also, using his skill with healing, healed the sick and injured in such communities. This did not last long, as crime elements soon confronted the vagabond jedi about whisperings they've heard. Ma'rrik used Mind Tricks on the goons to escape. Ma'rrik eventually travelled to Tatooine. He landed in the spaceport city of Mos Entha and soon took off into the desert. It can be assumed that Ma'rrik now lives within the isolated confines of the desert as a hermit or moisture farmer. To further this image, he bought a small number of moisture vaporators and took to raising a small herd of eopie.

Curious Friends: 2 ABY

"A Jedi? All the way out here? You are mistaken, friend. There are no Jedi here."

In 2 ABY, Ma'rrik made a trip to a small town that was resonably close by to his home. He made such journeys on occassion, bringing his harvest of water from moisture farming, with him to trade for other goods, such as food. On this particular trip, Ma'rrik, while resting in the local cantina, met a young Kiffar man. The Ithorian and the Kiffar engaged in casual conversation, when Ma'rrik discovered that the Kiffar was a bit of a treasure hunter who was looking for rare relics. Ma'rrik detected a Force presence within the man, but kept the notion of the man's Force Sensitivity to himself.

This would not be the first time Ma'rrik and the Kiffar, Sevo'aer, would meet. They met again in a few following weeks, when Ma'rrik arrived back in town. Sevo'aer pulled Ma'rrik aside into a quiet alcove and showed him something that he and a friend had found, a small, glowing, cube-like device. He questioned Ma'rrik if he knew what it was, but Ma'rrik merely told Sevo'aer that it was dangerous to own such a device, even more so to be caught holding one. When Ma'rrik left the cantina, Sevo'aer followed him all the way home and confronted Ma'rrik about the device and what he knew of it. Ma'rrik revealed that the device was a holocron, possibly of Jedi origin, judging from it's cubical shape. It was then that Sevo'aer asked about his sensitivity to the Force and if Ma'rrik knew anything about that. Ma'rrik, reluctantly, told Sevo'aer that he sensed the Force in the Kiffar and revealed that he used to be a Jedi.

The Holocron: 2 ABY

"I advise caution when dealing with such things, young one. The knowledge and power within may be beyond your grasp.....and I fear that access to such power, so early, may lead you down the wrong path."

Sevo'aer returned days later with the holocron and told Ma'rrik he wished to study it. Ma'rrik expressed caution against doing so, but the Kiffar activated it nonetheless. The holocron's guardian, an ancient Jedi, appeared before the pair and informed them of what the holocron contained; a collection of the Jedi's lightsaber techniques and lectures on the various forms of lightsaber combat. Sevo'aer, eager to learn from the holocron, asked Ma'rrik if he could aid him in constructing a lightsaber. Once more, Ma'rrik expressed caution, as carrying one is a death sentence due to the Empire, and wielding one without proper training can result in grevious injury to others and the self. He told Sevo'aer that he could give him some training, if only to help the Kiffar open up to the Force.

However, this did not stop Sevo'aer, and his friend, from accessing the holocron.

A New Padawan?: Late 2 ABY

"You must learn to open up to the Force. To trust it. You've felt it before, whispers of it. Like a breeze through the grass. But now you must feel it, open yourself to it, immerse yourself in it. Close your eyes and concentrate. Tune out the static noise of the galaxy and feel the life around you. Feel the sand, the rocks, the heat, the desert vegetation that grow beneath us. Feel the ebb and flow of life, even here. You, me, the insects in the air around us. Feel yourself - your true self - and awaken your senses....."

Ma'rrik agreed to give Sevo'aer some instruction in the Force. He took the Kiffar out into the desert, where they stayed for several days. They meditated in the intense heat and oppressive sand for hours on end before travelling on. Eventually, they reached a canyon, where Ma'rrik then instructed Sevo'aer to reach out with the Force and move a small stone. On his first try, Sevo'aer barely nudged the stone, but Ma'rrik encouraged him not to be disheartened or to give up. Sevo'aer, encouraged by his friend's words, tried again, this time lifting the rock and setting it back down. The pair then engaged in more exercise, lifting and moving stones within the canyon. Over time, Sevo'aer grew open to the Force and they returned to Ma'rrik's home. They met again weeks later. Sevo'aer, however, had been shopping and brought with him several pieces he'd need to construct a lightsaber. He told Ma'rrik that he had asked the holocron on what he would need and got most of the pieces and that all he'd need is a crystal. Ma'rrik tried to dissuade him, but Sevo'aer was set. The next time they'd meet, Sevo'aer had constructed a lightsaber on his own due to the guidance of the holocron and he wished for Ma'rrik to meet his friend, who was also tied up in the holocron. When Ma'rrik confronted him about the lightsaber and the dangers of wielding or even carrying one, Sevo'aer retorted and ignored the Ithorian's warning. Sevo'aer left Ma'rrik's house and the pair did not see each other for several weeks.

A Turn of Events: 3 ABY (Present)

"It was like a brief scream; a noise which reverberated through me. And then there was silence...and I knew that I had failed him...."

The next time Sevo'aer returned to Ma'rrik, he informed the Ithorian that he had learned much from his training and even more from the holocron. He remarked that he felt awakened and strong and then told Ma'rrik that he intended to train his friend using the holocron's data. And with that, Sevo'aer left with a "goodbye". Nearly a month passed when Ma'rrik felt something in the Force. It was Sevo'aer's presence, seemingly brushing against Ma'rrik's awareness. His presence felt pained and distressed, almost like a calling for help, and Ma'rrik knew that he was in danger. Taking up a traveling cloak, a few supplies and his lightsaber-turned-walking-stick, Ma'rrik set out to find the wayward Padawan. Ma'rrik sought transport offworld, as Sevo'aer's presence was not on Tatooine. The travels took Ma'rrik to the likes of Naboo, Corellia, Talus and Rori. Finding nothing, Ma'rrik then felt another touch of Sevo'aer's presence - revealing a brightly lit neon cityscape, crowds of refugees and the stench of spice - the Smuggler's Moon, Nar Shaddaa. The elderly Ithorian braved Nar Shaddaa's criminal elements, treacherous streets and sub-levels and turned up nothing. And then, when the hour seemed darkest, Ma'rrik received a clear vision through the Force - Sevo'aer had conserved enough power and energy to send a message to his mentor - the jungles of Yavin 4.

Finding transport was difficult, but eventually Ma'rrik booked passage on a supply freighter bound for one of the outposts on the planet. Upon landing, Ma'rrik immediately went out in the jungles, taking nothing with him except his lightsaber, the clothes on his back and his trust and belief in the Force. Using his abilities, he avoided or calmed the rainforest predators, following the trail of Sevo'aer's presence. In actuality, his captors were also on the moon, using the Kiffar as bait for the Jedi Master. As Ma'rrik approached, Sevo'aer would be moved from small stronghold to stronghold, pushing Ma'rrik back several days. Eventually, the Ithorian did catch up. He arrived at a small facility hidden deep within a vast stretch of jungle and promptly entered, without fear for his safety. Inside, Ma'rrik saw his student bound and gagged, obviously beaten and tortured. Sevo'aer's captors, a pair of Imperial Inquisitors, were also present and were intent on goading the Ithorian into a fight. When their taunts and threats failed, they attacked. Ma'rrik retaliated with a Force Wave that nearly tore the facility from it's foundations, stating that, despite his age, Ma'rrik was more than capable of defending those in need. Ma'rrik then defeated one of the Inquisitors in a brief lightsaber duel by disarming the human and rendering him unconscious with the Force. The other Inquisitor decided to press the offense but was met with a mere smack over the head with Ma'rrik's staff-like lightsaber. He concluded by stating: "Sometimes you just need a big stick...."

His student's captors defeated, Ma'rrik cut Sevo'aer free from the binds that were holding him. Once freed, however, Ma'rrik immediately realized that something was wrong with his student. In fact, he realized that it wasn't his student at all, but a scapegoat - a man horribly altered through Sith alchemy to resemble Sevo'aer, down to the hair, tattooing and skin coloration. Before the shock at the deception was through, Ma'rrik felt Sevo'aer's death through the Force; he was never on Yavin, safely in the clutches of the Inquisitorious who promptly executed the Kiffar once the chase through the jungles and rainforests of Yavin came to an end. Heartbroken and defeated, Ma'rrik fled, returning to Tatooine. With that, Ma'rrik rarely ventured out of his abode or interacted with others, save for the infrequent times he journeyed to distant Anchorhead for supplies before vanishing back into the desert.

Always in Motion is the Future: 19 ABY - 29 ABY

Personality and Traits

"Dark or light? Ah...two things that are always debated upon. Tell me, what is 'dark' and what is 'light'? They stem further than simple 'good' and 'evil'. Dark or light, it does not matter. Two very different, and inseperable, halves of the same whole. You cannot have one without the other. If one of the two were ever removed, balance would be destroyed." - Ma'rrik's distinct view on the nature of the Force.

"I do not feel the taint of the dark side in you, old man. I sense you are a servant of the light, whether you will admit it or not." - Juhani to Jolee Bindo.

Ma'rrik fit the "typical Ithorian" stereotype. Patient, kind and gentle, Ma'rrik showed love and affection for eveyone and everything, preaching understanding and affection rather than violence or stigma. Softspoken to the point of being shy, Ma'rrik is not much of a talker, but will, however, offer advice or comfort should someone need or ask for it. A lover of knowledge, Ma'rrik is an avid learner, with interest in a broad array of topics. These range from astronomy, botany, history, starships (although, admittedly, he is not much of a pilot), the workings of the mind, cultures, amidst many others.

Unlike most Jedi, Ma'rrik did not view the Force strictly as black and white, or light and dark. Rather, he viewed the Force through a "gray" viewpoint. To Ma'rrik, the lightside and the darkside of the Force are two inseperable halves of the same larger whole. To utterly remove one would cause unbalance. In his view, the dark side needed to exist surely as the light side and he saw the dark side as something to understand, rather than detest and destroy outright, even though he lacked the raw emotion or desire to dab into the dark side's powers. Regardless of his viewpoint, Ma'rrik was still an utterly devoted servant of the light. Like some of the Jedi of his time, Ma'rrik believed in the Unifying Force philosophy. He believed that the Force treated all beings equally, without choosing any to be superior or inferior, even non-sentient creatures such as animals. He felt that the Force did not inherently take sides - it was those who felt the Force that defined their skill and ability by a side. To Ma'rrik, the light side of the Force was no better, nor more valid, than the dark side of the Force.

Lightsaber and Lightsaber Combat

"An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age."- Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, on lightsabers.

"Green, like emeralds in the sunset....."

Ma'rrik constructed his lightsaber in the icy caverns of the planet Ilum. The lightsaber's design is rather simple, but it is much different from the standard lightsaber wielded by members of the Jedi Order, being a long-handled lightsaber, featuring an elongated, staff-like hilt, with the emitter on one end. Ma'rrik's particular example looked like a mere walking staff. For a focusing crystal, Ma'rrik used an adegan crystal which gave the blade of his lightsaber an emerald green hue.

Ma'rrik has basic instruction in lightsaber combat but he preferred to avoid combat entirely. He is trained in the forms of Form I: Shii-Cho and Form III: Soresu, a more passive form, which was Ma'rrik's preferred form in combat. Regardless, Ma'rrik is a staunch follower of Form "Zero", where one seeks to avoid conflict and find other solutions to problems.

Force Talents

"Remember: abilities are not inherently good or evil. It's how you use them." - Kyle Katarn.

Ma'rrik was very proficient in useage and application of the Force, surpassed and downplayed by his humble attitude. Apart from the "core" Force abilities of a Force Sensitive, his skills were more defensive in nature, with very few that could be utilised for outright offense:

He had considerable skill in Force Healing, but required greater time and focus to work with more lethal injuries. He also had skill in Force Stun as well as it's more potent form, Force Stasis. He had skill in Mind Trick but did so sparringly, as he preferred to avoid tampering with the minds of others. Ma'rrik's greatest strength was in Telekinesis. Aside from the basic Push/Pull, Ma'rrik was able to call upon some of the more advanced forms of Telekinesis, such as Whirlwind or Wave, but refused to use the more destructive variants like Crush or Grip. In addition, Ma'rrik was a master Telepath, capable of telepathically communicating with and sensing other Force Sensitives regardless of distance; longer distances did, however, require more concentration than shorter distances.

Being an Ithorian and sensitive to the Force, Ma'rrik had access to an ability called Force Bellow. Related to Force Scream, Ma'rrik was able to power and amplify his voice to destructive degrees using the Force, and his Ithorian physique attributed some proficiency with the skill. However, this technique was very exhausting and difficult to control and contain, so Ma'rrik did used it in the rarest of circumstances. Also, much like others of his people, Ma'rrik was more attuned to nature than other Jedi, stemming in skill in Animal friendship (also called Beast Control) and Plant Surge.

OOC: Out Of Character

  • Play Along With Issued Bounty On You: Yes.
  • Play Along With RP Trial Of You: Yes.
  • RP Capture: Yes.
  • RP Capture, Maximum Time: 1-5 real life days the max.
  • Assumed RP Torture(Fade to black scenario): Yes.
  • RPed Out Torture: Yes.
  • Limbloss/Scars: Should the situation(s) leading up to it be realistic, yes (for limbloss). Scars, yes.
  • Permadeath: Should the situation(s) leading up to it be realistic, yes.
  • Preferred Combat: Emote, dice, duel-for-effect.

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