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Neutron Pixies
Organizational information



De'Ce, Clarissa


5 active


Mos Eisley, Tatooine

Primary role(s)

Dancing Troupe

Political information

April 2004




The Neutron Pixies are a dancing troupe based in Mos Eisley, Tatooine. In addition to performing at public and private events, the Neutron Pixies are also active as freelance information gatherers in both criminal and civil war related areas and also in space, various members being accomplished pilots.

Members often dance in Mos Eisley, either in Chalmun's or the Lucky Despot, and run two clubs of their own, which are open semi-regularily or at special occasions, Club Climax west of Mos Eisley, and Jailbirds in Farpoint Valley.

In addition to this, members also sporadically run events such as Fight Night, gambling nights and beach parties.




The Neutron Pixies were formed as a dance troupe from entertainers working for the criminal organisation Severed Shade. A few months after the troupe was formed and the name chosen, the Severed Shade collapsed following an internal schism over the succession of Karpasso F.Tong. The leader of the troupe, De'Ce, decided to form an independent group out of the Neutron Pixies, at the time consisting of Ramona, Coreena Telios, Sheila and Serine, with Clarissa Goldear, a former Shade member, joining as manager. Club Climax, the group's first nightclub, was established in a suburb of Mos Eisley, New Aldera, at that time.

New allies

In the wake of the troubles following end of the first incarnation of Shade, the Neutron Pixies saw the rise and fall of various short-lived organisations fighting for control over Mos Eisley in what became known later as Tatooine's Criminal Cold War, entering an alliance with the group led by Cael Broden when that organisation established itself, arranging for protection in exchange for information. The dance troupe itself grew at this time by several recruits. A move of Club Climax to Skullhaven, at the time the base of operation for Cael Broden and his people, was planned, but before it could be implemented, a new option appeared.


Following the massacre of Drifter's Oasis, the ambitious politician Sidious Inoxi rebuilt the settlement as Farpoint, managing to attract various citizens and organisations to the growing town, among them the Neutron Pixies and Cael's crew. While the city grew, so did the troubles. The amount of violence in the Nightsisters, the club run by Cael's later wife, Nasoon, led to the Neutron Pixies opening Jailbirds. Further trouble arose when Cael's own entertainment and information brokering divisions started to clash with the Neutron Pixies.


The relations between the Neutron Pixies and Cael Broden's Cartel deterioated more and more in the next month. Following several incidents, the Neutron Pixies broke off and formed an agreement, again exchanging information for protection, with the newly risen Severed Shade, again led by the Tong brothers. The rivalry between Shade and Cael's crew soon affected the Neutron Pixies too, and they were involved in both the hunt for Exen'Dar on Dantooine as well as the search for both Cael Broden and Karpasso Tong when Lady Valarian had those two kidnapped. The alliance with Shade survived the death of Karpasso Tong at the hand of Exen'Dar, but did not remain without troubles under the new leader, Melkin Antross. When Melkin was succeeded by Azwaros Starstealer, an old friend of the Neutron Pixies, things took a turn for the better, but after Azwaros' retirement and the return of Melkin Antross, the alliance slowly withered and died.


This time, the Neutron Pixies decided to not enter alliances again, only entering business arrangements with other organisations. For several months, the dancers watched the remains of both Cael's group and Shade fade, spawning successor organisations. Farpoint itself had, at this point, quieted down a lot, and the Pixies had moved the bulk of their business to Mos Eisley, although keeping Jailbirds open several times a week. Among the new organisations that rose during this time, the Neutron Pixies entered dealings with ONT Inc., led by Saffen and Azwaros Starstealer, and later with Binary Pulsar Corporation, led by H'oshi QaVam and Kaline Lessia. ONT Inc. did not last too long though and Binary Pulsar Corporation shifted its focus to other sectors for some time, and in the year following this the Neutron Pixies used several mercenary contracts to get protection and muscle when needed since, staying mainly in Mos Eisley. Membership fluctuated, but overall remained constant at half a dozen dancers, and Jailbirds was redecorated and reopened as well. The Neutron Pixies also won the Dance Competition in the Royal Palace of Theed on Naboo. With De'Ce shifting her focus, day to day operations were taken over by Clarissa Goldear. When she retired Ramona took over.

Operating on Tatooine, the Neutron Pixies pay weekly tribute to Jabba the Hutt's Desilijic Cartel.

The Neutron Pixies were also forced to make a deal with the aggressive Brotherhood of Trandoshans, trading a sizeable sum of credits for their word of honor to leave them in peace.


Clarissa Goldear
Coreena Telios
Aicha Isard
Senyka Darkeye
Aylia' Ven
Nee'Ki Starr

OOC information

Membership is limited to mature roleplayers. The Neutron Pixies are a dance troupe, so Entertainer is a required profession. Various roleplay plots and events are organised by the PA, social events like parties and dance gigs as well as more action-focussed plots both on ground as well as in space. Participation in PvE and PvP, ground or space, is voluntarily and up to the individual player.

Neutron Pixies

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Video from the Theed Dance Competition

Video from the Concert in Fort Oasis

Video from the Concert at the Santa Wook Workshop

Video from the performance at the Trash Compactor opening

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