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"Will the Sith ever return? It's a probabilistically historical inescapability. But, what makes you think they haven't already? [uneasy laughter]"
— Lecture recording from The Lundi Series, Vol. 5: Historical Reincarnation, Soundbyte Texts
"Once more, the Sith will rule the galaxy…and we shall have peace."
— Palpatine

The Sith Order existed in many diverse forms throughout galactic history. Originally, the Sith were a humanoid species that interbred with a group of exiled Dark Jedi, but after the rise and fall of that people, the meaning of the word 'Sith' changed. In time, the Sith would not be identified by their race, but by their dedication to the ancient Sith philosophy. There were many factions of the Sith, the most notable being the Sith Empire and the Order of the Sith Lords.

Organizational information

Dark Lord of the Sith

  • Korriban
  • Ziost
  • Ambria
  • Arkania
  • Dromund Kaas
  • Jaguada
  • Khar Delba
  • Khar Shian
  • Malachor V
  • Thule
  • Vjun
  • Yavin
Political information
  • Sith Empire
  • Mecrosa Order
  • Sith Empire (Jedi Civil War)


History of Evil

An Ancient Darkness

In 130,000bby life on Korriban evolved into a race of red skinned humanoids known as the Sith, a sophisticated though warlike race they had rigid caste system which included a weak slave caste who did all the menial tasks, a priest caste called the Kissai who would routinely perform live sacrifices to the dark Sith gods and had vast knowledge of dark magic, the main military of the Sith was made up of the Massassi caste, these members of the Sith race where more muscular and larger than their slave cousins and were more prone to bouts of violence, Finally ruling above these castes were the high-ranking members of the Sith race's society the Sith Lords, these lords would constantly war amongst each other and civil war was common place during early Sith history.

Kissai priest and Massassi warrior.
Kissai priest and Massassi warrior.

In 28,000bby a Sith lord named Adas was born with pure black skin, he would grow to become an exceptional warrior and practitioner of Sith magic, he conquered the Sith race unifying them he soon would be worshipped as a god by his people and took the title Sith’ari a being the Kissai had prophesized to be an exemplar of the Sith ideal a perfect being who would rule forever.

It was during Lord Adas’s reign that the Rakata and their world conquering infinite empire arrived on Korriban at first offering to help the Sith by sharing with them their vast advanced technologies such as how to create Holocrons and assumedly space travel, but soon their true intentions where revealed and they tried to conquer Korriban, but lead by the Sith’ari Adas the Sith managed to defeat the Rakata in a bloody war driving the conquerors away.

The war with the Rakata would cost Lord Adas his life, Sith society without a strong leader once again collapsed into civil war with Sith Lords stuck into a power struggle over who would hold the title as Sith’ari., soon due to the infighting Korriban became a dead planet the Sith fled their homeworld using the space faring technology they learnt from the Rakata they set up their new home on the neighboring planet Ziost only returning to Korriban to bury their dead Lords in huge Tombs which dotted the landscape.

The Dark Exiles

In 25,000bby unknown to the Sith on the other side of the galaxy a schism was happening amongst the force users of the galaxy, those who wished to serve the ways of the Ashla (Lightside) and those that craved the power of the Bogan (Darkside), the Force wars had started with the Ashla followers now calling themselves the Jedi Knights and the Bogan taking the name The Legions Of Lettow lead by the a powerful Dark Jedi known as Xendor, In a grand final battle the Jedi soon managed to defeat the Legions of Lettow killing Xendor and placing his Lover Arden Lynn in a deep force induced sleep.

Years passed and the Jedi founded many schools and teachings defining the different sides of the force, though there were always those who craved power, in 7,000bby rebellious Jedi started to study the Legions of Lettow and soon became consumed by the Dark Side and the power it could give them, another schism occurred amongst the users of the force resulting in a terrible and bloody conflict known as the Hundred Year Darkness ending on the planet of Corbos, once again the Jedi were victorious and the rebellious Jedi were exiled into the unknown regions of the galaxy the Jedi hoping that the Exiles would use this time to contemplate on their actions.

The New Dark Gods

The Dark Jedi arrive.
The Dark Jedi arrive.

The Exiles ship soon found its way to the Sith species new homeworld Ziost upon arrival they found the Sith had returned to a more primitive culture and was ruled by the then Sith’ari Dathka Graush who was amazed by these warriors and their advanced use of the Darkside. The Exiles soon became known by the Sith as the Jin’jidai were themselves pleased to find a race they could easily manipulate and conquer, with help of the Sith’ari’s Shadow Hand his second in command the Exiles betrayed the Sith Lord and with their advanced force skills soon took over the Sith Species.

The Jin’jidai were worshipped as gods by the Sith people and the most powerful of them took the title Dark Lord of the Sith , over the years the Jin’jidai using the archaic Sith alchemy taught to them by the Kissai interbred amongst the Sith people and helped advance their technology even further creating a new golden age, the name Sith soon came to mean not just the species itself by the ruling Dark Lords.

The Dark Lords ruled for years isolated from the rest of the galaxy, soon the memory of the Exiled Jedi was nothing but a tale forgotten by most in the Galactic Republic.


It was 5,000bby when the Republic first had contact with the Sith, when two hyperspaces explorer, a brother and sister known as Gav and Jori Daragon hoped to find new hyperspace lanes, typing in a series of random coordinates they soon found one which led them straight to the Sith tomb planet Korriban.

Naga Sadow.
Naga Sadow.

The two were soon captured by the Sith and brought to Ziost where they would be interrogated, he they found the Sith lords were in the middle of a new power struggle over the title of Dark lord after the recent death of Marka Ragnos, both the half breed Naga sadow and the full blood Ludo Kressh claimed the right to the title.

Ludo Kressh deemed the pair spies and ordered them to be put to death, Sadow believed the two could lead him back to the Republic where he and his highly trained Massassi followers could conquer new worlds, Sadow orchestrated a plot to have it seem like the daragons where rescued by republic agents though in secret he had them transported to his fortress on the moon of Khar Shian , here he kept the two separated and started to teach Gav the power of the Darkside.

Kressh soon learned of Sadows betrayal and attacked his fortress, during the battle Sadow advised Jori to flee back to Republic space, unknown to her she carried a tracking device that would later lead Sadow to the republic, once Jori was gone Sadows forces met in combat with Kressh and defeated him, with Ludo Kressh dead Sadow named himself The new Dark Lord of the Sith, he united the military forces of the Sith and started to prepare his invasion of Republic space.

Jori arrived back into Republic space but was confronted with skeptics to her tales of the Sith and the coming invasion, it was only after the advice Jedi Memit Nadill, Odan-Urr and Ooroo that the Empress Teta took notice and prepared the republic for Sadows invasion.

Gav and Jori Daragon.
Gav and Jori Daragon.

Sadows Invasion was going to plan he simultaneously attacked numerous Republic worlds which he controlled with battle meditation from his Sith meditation sphere above the sun of Primus Goluudand, the corrupted Gav was given his own fleet to command in the invasion of his home system, gave in search of his Sister returned to his home planet accompanied by Massassi bodyguards, on arrival the Massassi killed a old friend of Gav and Jori’s moments before Jori found her brother, thinking Gav had killed their friend Jori attacked Gav with a lightsaber given to her by the Jedi Odan-Urr.

Gav fled the battle and went to his master Sadow, accidentally breaking the Dark lords’ concentration of the invasion of Coruscant; he had unknowingly let the Republic gain the upper hand and repel the Sith army, Sadow abandoned his losing forces and led back to the Sith space but not before using a Sith super to implode the nearby star, before the star could implode Gav transmitted coordinates to Sith space to the Republic forces.

On his return to Sith space Sadow found a still living Kressh who had feigned his death to make Sadow complacent, Kressh proceeded to attack Sadow but before the two could finish their battle a fleet of Republic cruisers arrived and a destroyed the warring Sith lords fleets and proceeded to exterminate the Sith Species, once again though Sadow fled this time to the Yavin 4 hidden here with his Massassi body guards he placed himself into stasis using Darkside powers, his Massassi would slowly return to a more primitive state becoming Darkside wielding savages.

A Dark Hope

Freedon Nadd.
Freedon Nadd.

Centuries passed when a young Jedi Padawan by the name of Freedon Nadd was denied the title of Jedi Knight, angered by the decision Nadd struck down his master, fleeing the Jedi academy on Ossus Nadd soon came into possession of a Holocron that belonged to the long dead Sith Lord Adas, using the knowledge contained in the Holocron Nadd learned more about the old Sith empire and found himself drawn to Yavin 4 where he found the Dark Lord Naga Sadow awaking Sadow he went onto train in the Darkside soon he was powerful and felt he should be the new Dark Lord, he murdered Sadow and left Yavin 4.

Generations later the Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma was sent to Onderon with his brother Cay Qel-Droma and the Twi’lek Jedi Tot Doneeta to mediate a conflict, where he met the spirit of Freedon Nadd, who told Ulic he would ultimately become a Sith Lord. The prophecy came true when the Krath, a secret dark side society, attacked the Republic and injured Ulic with alchemically-treated shrapnel, and then injected him with Dark Side poisons that would ensure his fall.

Seeking to infiltrate the Krath dark-sider society from within against all advice to the ranking Jedi masters Ulic soon lost himself amidst the teeming throngs of the Tetan capital city Cinnagar, dropping out of the Jedi Order's sight for a long time thereafter. Foiling an assassination attempt against Krath leader Aleema Keto, Qel-Droma soon found himself inextricably ensnared in the larger web of Sith sorceries and intrigue.

Ulic Qel-Droma
Ulic Qel-Droma

The fallen Jedi Padawan Exar Kun after having a argument with his master declared himself a Jedi knight and sought out the war torn planet of Onderon there he found the tomb of Freedon Nadd, a place strong in the dark side. He found Nadd's spirit, who corrupted Kun, but before fully embracing the dark side, Exar Kun was directed to the jungle moon of Yavin 4, one of the few remaining Sith outposts; even after Freedon Nadd ransacked the treasures deposited there by Naga Sadow, there was much to attract Kun. There he encountered the primitive remnants of the experiment of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow, the fearsome Massassi race. Denied the powers of the light, but at the same time refusing to entirely accept the dark side, Kun was easily captured by these natives. As Kun, on the verge of death, was being crushed by a giant creature of alchemical origins, Freedon Nadd proceeded to interrupt another of his student's predicaments. In what would be Kun's final moments before being totally corrupted by the dark side, Nadd instructed his pupil that his only escape was to once again tap into the darkness within him. Taking the Sith amulet being displayed at his Massassi sacrifice in hand, Kun embraced its dark nature with absolute conviction.

Transformed into an agent of darkness, he broke free from his captors, slaughtering them without hesitation. While Nadd was pleased by Kun's newfound strength, the Dark Jedi became fed up with the ancient Sith's tests and meddling. At that instant, Freedon Nadd's presence in the galaxy was vanquished by the amulet his protégé now held.

Exar Kun
Exar Kun

Enveloped in the dark side, Kun elevated himself to the stature of a god. He enslaved the Massassi and forced them to construct an intricate complex of massive temples that were used in arcane Sith ceremonies and rites as focuses for the dark side. Fascinated with Sith teachings of alchemy and magic, and now outfitted with the necessary equipment, Kun was able to create terrifying creatures twisted by the dark side's influence while conquering Yavin 4. The Great Sith War

Feeling the Darkside Power of Ulic Qel-Droma, Exar kun left to confront him to make sure there was no chance of Kun losing his new Sith status, In an epic battle, the two Dark Jedi sealed their fates in a violent clash of power. During the battle, the Sith amulets that each combatant was wearing sprung to life and began to display a vision of a former Golden Age Sith Empire that was in place a thousand years in the past. Suddenly, the spirit of the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos, appeared to the two opponents. It was then that the spirit proclaimed the two to be the next rulers of the Sith, the ones who would bring an order of Sith might to the galaxy once again. Ragnos branded the two with dark side tattoos on their foreheads to add to their power, and Exar was pronounced Dark Lord of the Sith, while Ulic was deemed to be his first apprentice.

Together, they waged war on the Republic, stealing Jedi students from Ossus and subverting them to the dark side, and setting up Sith academies on planets such as Korriban to train a new breed of Darkside warriors, Qel-Droma defeated Mandalore the indomitable, earning the services of the Mandalorian warriors, and then raided Foerost, securing a fleet of warships.

Qel-Droma, with his combined Krath and Mandalorian forces, attacked Coruscant, but was captured when his Krath lover Aleema Keto abandoned him. Mandalore went to Kun and informed him of Ulic's capture. After learning of Qel-Droma's capture and pending trial on Coruscant, Kun went to the Senate Building and met his former master, Vodo-Siosk Baas. Using his new lightsaber, Kun struck down the Krevaaki Jedi with minimal effort. Ulic and Exar then proceeded to slaughter the Senate viciously, including the Supreme Chancellor.

Exar Kun Converts Jedi to the Dark
Exar Kun Converts Jedi to the Dark

In retaliation for the capture of Qel-Droma, Exar Kun discovered the secrets behind Naga Sadows destruction of Primus Goluudand and planned to use the Sith super weapon on the planet Ossus, but not before he could plunder it of its Jedi knowledge,

The Sith Lords ventured to Ossus to steal what artifacts they could from the library world before it was destroyed. On the planet, Ulic confronted his brother. They dueled, and Cay Qel-Droma was struck down by his corrupted sibling. Ulic could not handle the grief involved in the murdering of his brother; the emotion he experienced was one that tore at the very fiber of his being. Jedi knight Nomi Sunrider used a forbidden technique in an effort to stop Ulic's rampages further by stripping him from the force.

Kun's spirit is trapped on yavin
Kun's spirit is trapped on yavin

With Force was no longer his to command and shocked by his brother's death, he helped the Jedi, leading them to his headquarters on the Fourth Moon of Yavin, Kun sensed he would not survive the Republic's coming attack. Thus, he drew upon his knowledge of Sith alchemy and drained the life-force of almost the entire Massassi race, transcending his own mortal body which was destroyed in the process along with the rest of the surface of Yavin 4. However Nomi Sunrider realized what Kun was attempting and caused the Jedi to erect a 'Wall of Light' with the Force around the moon, keeping Exar Kun's spirit from fleeing the planet and instead chaining him there for all eternity. He remained largely dormant inside a massive, black and green granite tomb, and was forgotten as the centuries passed and he grew bitter. Not even his former apprentice Ulic Qel-Droma could sense Kun's spirit within the ancient ruin when he visited some time later, and so it would remain for millennia.

The Great Sith War was finally over, Ulic Qel-Droma fled the Republic into Exile eventually settling on the ice planet Rhen Var,

Evil Never Dies

With their Sith lords defeated their Disciples fled to remote parts of the galaxy and promulgating the ancient Sith teachings and rituals. Indeed, some of these exiles would continue onward to form the nucleus of what would become the new post-war Sith Order.

It was in 3,976bby when the Mandalorians attacked the Republic sparking a new war, with the memory of the Sith war still fresh in their minds the Jedi council of masters decided they would not bring themselves to enter the war, Spurred into action by the tragic genocide of the Cathar, the young and charismatic Jedi Knights Revan and Malak defied the Council and led a faction of the Jedi into the war.

The two Jedi proved to be extremely capable commanders in the field and they rose swiftly through the ranks. Soon, they were given direct control over one-third of the entire Republic fleet. Revan used his new-found authority to spearhead the Republic war effort and under his enterprising leadership, the all-but-defeated Republic Navy began to push the Mandalorians back. The Jedi Masters, however, believed that Malak and Revan were only offering easy solutions to the galaxy's problems and they feared that much woe would result from their recklessness.


Revan took control of the Republic forces, and proved himself to be an adept commander. In numerous desperate skirmishes, he simply out-thought and outmaneuvered the Mandalorians both on the ground and in space. Revan's keen tactical abilities completely turned the Republic's war effort around, but he did not achieve such success without paying a heavy price, his tactics were near flawless and Malak's righteous fury unmatched, the pair began to take on very similar characteristics to the Mandalorians they were fighting, growing to despise weakness and indecisiveness in all its forms.

Revan visited the ancient Sith world of Malachor V while scouting for new outposts along the embattled Outer Rim. On its surface, Revan was quickly assaulted by the destructive dark side energies that permeated the world, yet through the strength of his will, he was able to feed on the evil power without being consumed by it.

It was on Malachor he stumbled upon the Trayus Academy, an abandoned training center built by a mysterious Sith faction known as the "True Sith". While unearthing the planet's buried secrets, Revan learned the exact location and immense significance of the planet Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith species. It was at Malachor V that Revan lured the Mandalorian Forces into a final confrontation, He deployed a massive fleet to the planet consisting mostly of those whose loyalties to himself remained in doubt. In utter secrecy, he had prepared a superweapon, known as the "Mass Shadow Generator," Commanding the fleet and overseeing the device's use was a capable and jaded female Jedi General who had taken part in the recent bloody campaign on Dxun.


Finally, as the fighting grew intense, Revan's Jedi general observed that the Mandalorians had taken the bait and that her trap was set to spring. With a nod of her head, she commanded the activation of the secret weapon. Moments later, she watched in horror as a significant portion of both fleets were suddenly drawn from orbit into a vast gravity vortex that was powerful enough to crush the countless ships into the planet's crust and fracture the world to its very core

Revan drew on the Sith power of the planet to draw the Jedi to the dark side slaying Mandalore the Ultimate and winning the war with a sweeping victory, Revan and Malak were hailed as heroes and saviors of the Republic, yet at that time, Sith teachings were already sweeping through the ranks of their command. Soon after that final battle, they led the remainder of their forces into the Unknown Regions under the pretense of tracking down the remnants of the Mandalorian fleet, but they did not return and they sent no word of their whereabouts. In time, the Republic feared that the Jedi and their followers had been lost in a tragic, unknown disaster in the depths of unexplored space.

The truth was far more sinister. During their absence from galactic affairs, Revan and Malak were secretly searching for ancient Star Maps which would lead them to the Star Forge, a treasure of the forgotten Rakatan Infinite Empire. the Star Forge was capable of granting vast power to those who fully embraced its dark nature, Revan minimized his exposure to the ancient space station, using it purely to construct an enormous fleet.

Revan and Malak discover maps to the Star Forge
Revan and Malak discover maps to the Star Forge

From the deck of the Star Forge, hidden in the unmapped Rakata system, Revan founded a new Sith Empire. Adapting the teachings of the ancient Sith to his own needs, he took his friend Malak as his apprentice. Revan took the name 'Darth’ a corruption of the Rakatan word for emperor Daritha and christened himself Dark Lord of the Sith. A year after their apparent disappearance, Revan and Malak returned at the head of a massive invasion fleet made up of Republic vessels such as the Leviathan, as well as strange hybrid technologies built by the Star Forge. They were crewed by experienced ex-Republic veterans, and commanded by some of the finest officers that the Republic had produced Calling themselves the Sith, they declared war on the Republic.

The Second Sith War

Revan pioneered new Sith tactics relying on secrecy rather than brute force. His Sith Assassins quietly flooded into the Republic from their base on Malachor V to kill and abduct Jedi throughout known space. Revan reestablished strongholds and academies upon worlds of ancient power such as Lehon, Dxun, and Korriban. On these particular planets, his most faithful servants broke captured Jedi and converted them to the dark side.

Bastilla Shan Confronts Darth Revan
Bastilla Shan Confronts Darth Revan

The reinvigorated Sith won battle after battle. As the Sith's conquest continued unchecked, worlds began to secede to the Sith invasion fleet voluntarily, either out of fear or because they believed that the corrupt and ineffectual Galactic Republic was finally on the verge of collapse, Jedi began to join the ranks of their fallen colleagues under their own free will, lured by Sith promises of wealth and power, but the Republic was not finished yet a young Jedi named Bastila Shan entered the fray with her Battle meditation, which increased the combat effectiveness of the Republic's forces and sapped the will of enemy combatants. Yet, even with Bastila's aid, the Republic forces knew that they could not hold out forever against the Sith. In a desperate attempt to end the war, the Republic and the Jedi set a trap for Revan and Malak, luring them into battle against a small fleet. During the space battle, Bastila led a team of Jedi that boarded Revan's flagship and managed to corner the Dark Lord on the bridge.

In the hopes of destroying both Revan and Bastila, the ever ambitious Darth Malak ordered the ships under his command to fire on his master's bridge. Though Malak believed himself to have been successful in killing the man who had been his best friend, the Jedi managed to capture Revan's comatose body and escape. Bastila used the Force to save his life, thus forming a powerful Force bond between them. The Jedi brought Revan before the Jedi Council who healed his body and reprogrammed his broken mind in an effort to mask his true identity. In so doing, they hoped that Revan's subconscious memories would lead them to the source of the Sith's seemingly endless supply of military hardware. With his aid, they would attempt to locate it and destroy it at any cost.

Malak becomes the next Dark Lord of the Sith
Malak becomes the next Dark Lord of the Sith

In the months following the apparent death of Revan, Darth Malak crowned himself the Dark Lord of the Sith and continued his former master's war of conquest. To the dismay of the Jedi Council, Malak quickly proved himself to be just as formidable an opponent as Revan. The Sith fleets commanded by Saul Karath continued their relentless conquest of Republic territory regardless of the sudden change in leadership, yet Malak did not share Revan's vision. Whereas Revan had kept key Republic infrastructure intact for the purposes of post-war rebuilding, Malak was a believer in more brutal methods. Likely ignorant of Revan's original intentions, he preferred an all-out war of destruction and carnage.

Darth Malak's primary objective quickly became the assassination or capture of Bastila Shan. He nearly accomplished that feat when his fleet overwhelmed and boarded her ship Endar Spire during an ambush over the world of Taris. Although her vessel was overrun by a boarding party of Sith troopers and Dark Jedi led by Malak's new apprentice Darth Bandon, Bastila managed to flee the battle in an escape pod. On Taris, she was soon captured by a local swoop gang but was rescued by an amnesic Revan who had been enlisted as a loyal Republic agent. He had escaped the doomed Endar Spire with the aid of Captain Carth Onasi, a hero of the Mandalorian Wars and a former protégé of Saul Karath, just prior to vessel's destruction. Malak would then go on to have the planet Taris itself destroyed by orbital bombardment to prevent Bastila's escape, she nonetheless was able to return unharmed to the Jedi academy Dantooine on the Ebon Hawk (a freighter stolen from a Tarisian crime boss) being accompanied by her rescuers, Calo Nord, a bounty hunter who had also escaped Taris' destruction, informed Malak of who had helped Bastila escape, and offered his services to find her. Calo was hired by Malak to track down the group, capture Bastila, and kill her companions, including Revan. Unfortunately, Calo didn't survive his next encounter with Revan.

Quest for the Star Forge

The Ancient Star Forge
The Ancient Star Forge

Bastila and her companions left Dantooine in search of the source of Malak's power; the Star Forge. While on their search they were captured by the Sith and brought on board Malak’s flagship the Leviathan, while escaping the ship they encountered Malak himself who revealed to Revan his true identity. Revan and Malak engaged in combat and Malak proved himself a powerful foe, eventually Bastila sacrificed herself to save Revan and was captured by Malak. He tortured Bastila with Force lightning and finally corrupted her to the dark side of the Force. Malak made her his new apprentice—replacing his previous apprentice, Darth Bandon, who had been slain recently by Revan.

The true reason Malak chose Bastila for his apprentice was the unimaginable advantages the Sith Empire could gain from her Battle Meditation.

Having discovered the ancient Star Maps, Revan and his crew were able to piece together the location of the Star Forge orbiting the ancient Rakatan world Lehon. The Republic armadas were summoned to Lehon and a massive space battle took place between the Republic and Sith forces. After a confrontation with Revan, Bastila returned to the light side and betrayed her master by using her battle meditation to aid the Republic forces. The Jedi Civil War ended as Darth Malak died at the hands of his old master. With Malak gone and the Star Forge destroyed, the infrastructure of the Sith Empire collapsed. The remaining Dark Jedi descended into a state of civil war.

A year after the defeat of Malak and the collapse of the Sith Empire, Revan left the Republic, having remembered the remnants of the ancient "True Sith" he had rediscovered as the Dark Lord. Hoping to put an end to the threat it posed before it could attack the weakened Republic, Revan bade farewell to the seven comrades who had accompanied him on his quest, knowing that none whom he loved could safely accompany him in the places he had to walk.

From The Shadows

The aftermath of the Second Sith war took a great toll on the Jedi Order Jedi with three galaxy-spanning wars that occurred in the short span of fifty years, two of which had been orchestrated by fallen members of the Order itself. In the aftermath of those devastating conflicts, the Order had dwindled and weakened to the point that it had become a shadow of its former self. Thousands of Jedi were lost in the Sith and Mandalorian Wars, the conflicts erupted across the galaxy in such close succession that the Jedi were not given enough time to rebuild their numbers. The Order simply could not sustain such heavy losses over such a short period of time.

During the War, the already depleted Jedi Order had been all but wiped out. Less than one hundred individuals survived to rebuild. As the Galactic Republic hovered on the brink of collapse, the Jedi Order slowly began to deteriorate. An intense climate of disillusionment permeated the Jedi ranks, as the few surviving members faced an unprecedented level of anger and resentment from the Republic citizenship who had begun to fear their former heroes. The Jedi themselves were losing faith in the Order, as they began to ask themselves how and why so many of their number had fallen to the dark side over the years. Even members of the Jedi High Council began to question the Jedi teachings.

Darth Nihilus On Katarr
Darth Nihilus On Katarr

It was during this period the scattered remnants of Revan's Empire remained entrenched in secret places of power. With time, they regrouped, and new leaders emerged to guide them. On the ancient Sith world of Malachor V, a secret sect of Sith Assassins still lingered. In the heart of the Trayus Academy, the Trayus Core, the Sith Lords Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Sion developed a new strategy. Waging a shadow war, the new Sith Triumvirate battled with only one goal in mind: the complete and utter extermination of the Jedi. They manipulated events from the darkness, causing local conflicts on key Republic planets. These worlds, if left to fall, would mean a quick and decisive end to the Republic.

The last of the Jedi stepped down, renounced the Order, and were never heard from again. Entire Jedi gatherings began to vanish, leaving behind a strange disturbance in the Force that only a few members of the Jedi Council could recognize. In time, the Jedi began to suspect that they were being hunted. At last, the Jedi Master Atris summoned many of the most powerful and influential of the remaining Jedi Masters to a secret conclave on the Miraluka world of Katarr under the pretext of discussing the emerging threat. However, her true intention was to use the Jedi as bait to force their shadowy adversary to reveal itself.

Atris leaked information about the conclave to the greater galaxy. As a result, Darth Nihilus arrived as the Jedi assembled and annihilated every living thing upon the planet, both the Jedi and the Miraluka colonists draining the world of the force to feed his hunger. The sole survivor of the attack was the Miraluka Visas Marr, who Nihilus captured and trained as his apprentice. After that shocking event, the remaining Jedi Council members, decided to go into exile. In so doing, they hoped that the mysterious and secretive new Sith threat would be lulled into a false victory and reveal itself.

Darth Sion
Darth Sion

With almost all the Jedi had been eliminated, one of the few survivors was Revan’s old General Jedi who had commanded his fleet at Malachor V and who had been stripped of the force by her Jedi masters for doing so and exiled into the unknown regions. The Exile returned to Galactic Republic space in. The Harbinger, a Republic cruiser had been ordered to head to the Outer Rim, in order to pick up the Jedi Exile. She was requested to be given status as a diplomatic passenger and escorted to Telos IV, though it was made clear that she was to be given no special treatment nor to make any indications of her identity.

During the trip to Telos, the ship received a distress call from a low-stock freighter, claiming to be engaged in a firefight with a Sith warship. When the Harbinger arrived, they found the ship derelict; when the crew boarded the vessel they found it to be empty save for the battered body of Darth Sion. The Ebon Hawk, a small freighter that once had played a major role in the Jedi Civil War, also seemingly deserted, was picked up as well. In the next few days, crew aboard the ship began to disappear; when Darth Sion finally awoke, saying that he had come for the Jedi, the stealthed Sith Assassins revealed themselves and slaughtered the ship's crew en masse. In the ensuing chaos it went unnoticed that an HK-50 unit had drugged the Exile and sealed her away; as the ship died around them, a woman by the name Kreia found her and brought her back to the Ebon Hawk and attempted to flee. Unfortunately they attracted the attention of the now fully-operational warship, which fired on the freighter, damaging it severely and nearly killing both the Exile and Kreia as well as destroying the HK-50 unit that had stowed away. With the help of the utility droid T3-M4, the Exile was taken care of and the Ebon Hawk was guided to the nearby Peragus Mining Facility.

Wounds In The Force

As Kreia and the Exile attempted to escape the Peragus Mining Facility, Kreia encountered her former protégé, Darth Sion. The master and student fought, and Kreia, hardly at her full power, lost her left hand to Sion's lightsaber. The Exile felt the pain of losing the limb as she had done. Kreia used the opportunity to convince the Exile that the bond in the force created between them was fatal, that if one of them died, the other would too, forcing the Exile to keep the old woman at her side, although the actual validity of such a claim was questionable.


Hoping to flee to Telos since it was the only available destination in the Peragus facility's navigational charts the Sith pursued them into a asteroid field around Peragus, laser fire from the now Sith controlled warship ignited the volatile fuel within the asteroids. The resulting explosion destroyed both the facility and the planet itself, though the Ebon Hawk and the Sith onboard the Harbinger were able to escape.

Over time the Exile who had reconnected to the force and grew in power went off to worlds in search of the Jedi masters still in hiding in an attempt to unite them against the Sith, Kreia watched as the struggling Republic was unknowingly strengthened through the Jedi's search. During these adventures, many people found the company of the Exile, most of them sensitive to the Force; and although many of them were wary of Kreia, she was able to manipulate most of them to do her bidding. Through the ease of which the Exile had "called" upon these companions, the old master had seen the Exile's ability to transmit extreme echoes to those the Jedi was bound with. Using the Exile's power and with the knowledge of Darth Nihilus' condition, Kreia intended to bring her plans into finality.

Kreia traveled with the Exile, whom she helped search for the Jedi Masters. When the truth was revealed—that the Exile had unconsciously deafened herself to the Force in order to survive, as opposed to being cut off from it by the Jedi Council as the Exile previously believed—Kreia confronted a reassembled Jedi Council in the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. As the Jedi Masters actually tried to strip the Force from the Exile, whom they believed to be a wound in the Force and a danger that could lure the Sith Kreia drained their connection to the force, killing them, and once again assumed her Sith identity Darth Traya.

Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus

It was revealed to the Exile that a violent argument had arose among the three Sith lords and Kreia herself was stripped of the force by Nilihus and Sion, just as the Jedi exile believed happened to her by her Jedi masters, Lost and disheveled, Traya blamed neither side and instead dreamt of revenge on a far greater scale, revenge against a higher power which had destined her to be betrayed by those whom she had loyally served – the Force. Having forsaken her Sith identity for the time being, Kreia had come to regard the Force as an uncaring, insidious god. She believed now that this conflict between light and dark would never end, and that the galaxy was doomed to chaos forever.

Kreia returned to Malachor V where she intended to sacrifice herself to open up the larger wound in the force in order to destroy it. The Jedi Master Atris told the Exile that such an act would undoubtedly kill the Exile and destroy the Force but she couldn't fathom why Kreia would want to make such a move. However, Kreia would wait for the Exile to come to her for answers and final confrontation.

After the Battle of Telos IV, in which the Exile destroyed Darth Nihilus, the Exile journeyed to Malachor V, where Traya and Sion were hidden in the depths of the Trayus Academy. The Exile confronted the Sith Lords, and eroded Sion's will, releasing him from all his pain in the process. By giving up the pain, and therefore the Force which had held his decaying body together, Sion was finally able to die but not before warning the Exile that Traya would try to do to her what she had done to Sion himself.

Malachor V after the Mass Shadow Generator was activated
Malachor V after the Mass Shadow Generator was activated

The Exile found Traya in the core of the academy and bested her, slicing her remaining hand off. Despite so many betrayals, so many deceptions, the Exile forgave Kreia for everything that had happened. Kreia realized that she had been seeking redemption all along and chose to honor the Exile with a final gift; she drew upon the Force that radiated from Malachor V and cast a prediction of the future of the galaxy and that of the Exile's friends. She stood dying from the wounds dealt to her by the Exile, telling her apprentice that she must follow Revan to the Unknown Regions. Before her death, she confessed that she truly loved the Exile as she believed that the Exile had her greatest student. Then, the Exile eased Kreia, who has been like a mother to her, from her sufferings to what she once despised—the Force. Her body was shortly destroyed with Malachor V when the Mass Shadow Generator was activated for the last time.

With the death of Darth Traya it was once again believe the Sith and there teachings were gone.

The Dark Ages

Around 2,000bby the Republic started to go into decline, important mineral mines around the galaxy started to dry up, the once powerful mega corporations found themselves bankrupt, whole colony worlds found themselves abandoned and those that were still active were lawless and full of hardships. The Republic with its borders drastically reduced started taking desperate actions, the Jedi where elevated to higher positions in the government with some master even serving as Supreme Chancellor, yet even under the Jedi rule scandal was still rife.

It was also during this a Umbaran Jedi Master by the name of Phanius became disillusioned with society and left the Jedi Order to seek out new teachings possibly just like Darth Revan before him to help the crumbling Republic. Phanius soon discovered the ways of the Sith and gave himself to the Darkside remade himself as Darth Ruin. Many of Phanius’ students joined the new Dark Lord and it was not long before Darth Ruin had amassed an army and a conquered many of the outer rim worlds creating a New Sith Empire.

The Dark Underlord
The Dark Underlord

As is the way with the Sith though Ruins followers soon craved more power and soon Darth Ruin was murdered by one of his own pupils, This did not stop the Sith from still waging war though and soon a new Dark Lord was crowned, the mysterious Sith Lord known simples as the Dark Underlord, The new Dark Lord was a bloody marauder leading a army of his most elite troops named the Black Knights into many gruesome battles against the Republic, The Jedi General Murrtaggh, a perennial enemy of the Dark Underlord, prepared to eliminate the dangerous Sith Lord, Murrtaggh paid a large group of Mandalorians to stage a diversionary attack on the Black Knights while Murrtaggh prepared to sneak behind the enemy lines to assassinate the Sith leader.

As expected the Dark Lord sent his black knights against the Mandalorians. During the chaos of the battle, Murrtaggh executed his plan and infiltrated the Dark Underlord's fortress. As the two engaged in battle Murrtaggh fell to the dark side, striking down the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The title of Dark Lord of the Sith fell to Darth Rivan who built a powerful Darkside temple on the planet Almas , The fortress was a gigantic dark side focal-point, capable of shooting lightning at passing starships. Rivan's true purpose for constructing the fortress, however, lay in the creation of Sith Battlelords. Rivan's vision for this elite new corps lay in the very nature of evil itself. More specifically in its inherent discord when many evildoers gathered in one location, sooner or later some of them would die, or turn on one another. Enlightened inter-cooperation was not known to be a dark side virtue. Eliminating insubordination amongst the Sith ranks became a mission of Rivan's, and his creation of the Battlelord would serve to Force-bond a commander to his troops—if a soldier attempted to harm his/her commander, the intended wound instead would be inflicted upon the soldier.

Darth Rivans reign did not last though and soon he was driven off of Almas by a Army of Jedi Knights. A female Shi’ido called Belia Darzu eventually rose to power amongst the Sith ranks, She was a master of the ancient Sith Alchemy technique Mecha-Deru creating a army of Technobeasts. Belia Darzu led the Sith until 1,230bby when an assassin from the Mecrosa Sith cult killed her at the behest of her fellow Sith Lords.

Brotherhood of Darkness

With the Republics Holonet communications to worlds outside the core shut down, the outer rim was populated by many Sith warlords all vying for the title of Dark lord raging war with themselves, until a rogue Jedi Master by the name Kaan set about reuniting the various splinter states under his banner The Brotherhood of Darkness.

Dark Lord Kaan
Dark Lord Kaan

His idea of cooperation and equality amongst the Sith Lords was unique in their history. Rather than challenge each of the self-proclaimed "Dark Lords" and threaten the war effort, Kaan acquiesced to their vanity, and named them all "Dark Lord of the Sith", and declared "All are equal in the Brotherhood of Darkness."] But he forbade any Sith to take the historic title of Darth, since he held that title as being solely responsible for the jealousy and infighting that had destroyed the Sith in the past.

The Sith struck at the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. Thousands of Sith and Jedi battled one another across the Galaxy, Kaan authorized the reopening of the Sith Academy on Korriban, placing the Sith Lord Qordis in charge.

At that time, it along with most of the other Sith sites had been pillaged by the Jedi in their attempt to destroy all remaining vestiges of Sith lore. Due to their efforts, the academy's archives were now forced to rely on haphazardly arranged books and manuscripts, which were practically ignored by Kaan's Brotherhood of the Sith.

The reinvigorated Sith pushed the Jedi back, winning great victories. Kaan proved to be a brilliant strategist, and an excellent tactician, capable of winning victory after victory against the Jedi forces, all the while putting his charisma to good use luring many Jedi to serve him.

The Jedi and Sith forces in battle on Ruusan
The Jedi and Sith forces in battle on Ruusan

Kaan and his brotherhood made the push towards the core systems conquering many worlds along the way, with Sith armies seizing Kashyyyk as a staging-ground in the Mid Rim, Kaan's next target was Ruusan, a world near Kashyyyk, mostly insignificant except for its crucial role as a staging ground for attacks on Sith-held Kashyyyk. Striking without warning, the Sith fleet staged a devastating assault on the unprepared planet, The First Battle of Ruusan was an absolute victory for the Sith.

The Sith seemed almost poised to conquer Coruscant, and the Jedi seemed not to be attempting to defend the Core, However, The Jedi General Lord Hoth had gathered a Jedi army, known as the Army of Light. had arrived on Ruusan to defeat the remaining Sith forces in the Third Battle of Ruusan, and wipe out the Brotherhood, once and for all.

The war had moved to the surface of the planet itself, and, though outnumbered and outgunned by the Army of Light, Kaan sensed victory—the Jedi had spread themselves far too thin in a vain attempt to protect the inhabitants of Ruusan. In addition, the defection of the Jedi Githany gave the Sith vital intelligence on the Jedi battle plan. Though the Sith were suffering high casualties, Kaan believed he would prevail, and sent for reinforcements.

A New Sith’ari

At the Academy on Korriban a man named Dessel arrived and immediately began to study the ways of the Sith under such masters as Qordis and the blademaster Kas'im. He also frequently studied the archives in the academy, which contained documents about the dark side and the history of the Sith. Despite his late discovery of his Force powers, he began to exceed many of the students who had been trained since birth.

The Sith Academy on Korriban
The Sith Academy on Korriban

In a training duel with a fellow student the Zabrak Sirak defeated Dessel in combat and beat him savagely, Dessel humiliated spent most his time studying the ancient Sith manuscripts in the archives, It was while studying them that he learned more about the history of the Sith Lords, more specifically about the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan. Bane began to question the direction the Brotherhood of Darkness had taken, and he seemed especially interested in finding out why none of the current Sith Lords took the title Darth.

Dessel learned far more from the archives at the Academy than he had originally thought possible and continued supplementing his knowledge of the Force with the teachings of the ancient Sith, once again he entered the challenge ring atop the Academy but this time easily defeated and humiliated Sirak.

Dessel hoping to find more Sith knowledge left the academy to go into the Valley of the Dark Lords in search of answers from the ancient tombs of fallen Sith Lords, it was here he came to the conclusion that the Brotherhood was flawed, and that their leader, Lord Kaan, placed the greater good of the order over the dark side as a whole. Many of the Dark Lords were weak, and in Dessels mind this made them unworthy of the title they carried. Dessel also learned that Kaan himself forbade any Sith from taking the title Darth as he wished to avoid the infighting and jealousy that had nearly destroyed the Sith thousands of years earlier.

After a fruitless two weeks in the Valley, he returned empty handed, feeling foolish and nearly dead from exhaustion and hunger. He arrived just in time to learn that the students were to be raised to the level of Dark Lords of the Sith on the orders of Lord Kaan, and were to be sent to Ruusan to participate in the latter battles against the Army of Light.

Darth Bane
Darth Bane

Bane almost fell victim to a trap in the archives orchestrated by Sirak with the participation of the fallen Jedi Githany on the night of his return. Upon seeing his power, Githany changed sides and killed Sirak's allies, watching as Bane slew his helpless rival, Following the fight, however, Dessel did not leave for Ruusan with the rest of the Sith present. Instead, he denounced their teachings and Kaan's Brotherhood and proclaimed himself Darth Bane before stealing Lord Qordis' personal spacecraft, the Valcyn. Bane made his way to the ancient Rakatan world Lehon, hoping to find true understanding of the dark side


Bane landed on Lehon and immediately began his search for the Temple of the Ancients, Arriving at the Temple, he found the holocron of Darth Revan. Learning much more about the ancient Sith, he concluded that Kaan and his Brotherhood would have to be destroyed, and set about formulating a way to ensure the survival of the Order. With the teachings of Darth Revan he planned to destroy the Brotherhood, and from its wreckage, create a new and far stronger Order of the Sith Lords that would eventually destroy the Jedi.


Kaan, fearful of Bane and his intentions, dispatched the blademaster Kas'im to kill Bane, but Kas'im could not match Bane's raw power, and was killed when Bane brought the Temple down on him with the aid of the dark side. Bane sent a messenger drone to Ruusan, informing Kaan of Kas’im’s death and handing the Sith Lord the weapon of his eventual demise; instructions to perform the Sith ritual to make a thought bomb, one of the many secrets he had learned from Revan's holocron.

Kaan received a message from a seemingly guilt-ridden Bane who wished to return to the Brotherhood. However, Githany believed that the Brotherhood no longer needed Bane and offered to kill him. Kaan agreed and she left to meet with him. Bane chose the barren world of Ambria to meet Kaan's envoy, On Ambria Githany met with Bane and they shared a passionate kiss, Bane tasted poison on her lips and realized that Kaan had sent her to Ambria to kill him, although he managed to keep this realization secret. Seeing that Githany understood the source of the strength in the dark side, Bane wondered if she could become his apprentice.

Dath Bane threatens the healers Daughter
Dath Bane threatens the healers Daughter

Weakened by the poison, Bane was unable to heal himself and traveled across one of the battlefields located on Ambria, trying to drink in the suffering of those who died there to increase his strength and heal himself. Bane eventually fought off the effects of the poison long enough to find help. Discovering a Force-sensitive healer named Caleb, Bane was at first confounded by his refusal to help him. Caleb had no fear of Bane's power, and was unafraid of any pain he could inflict. Bane responded by threatening the healer's daughter, which managed to force Caleb to relent and give Bane the cure he required. Once healed, Bane decided not to kill Caleb or his child, reasoning that his healing talents could prove useful in the future. Leaving Ambria, Bane was more determined than ever to wipe out Kaan and his followers.

Rule Of Two

The Thought Bomb
The Thought Bomb

Shocked by Bane's return, Kaan agreed to follow Bane's instructions to defeat the Jedi through the power of the dark side. Before the Sixth Battle of Ruusan, the Sith joined together in meditation—and Darth Bane unleashed a wave of destruction upon the unsuspecting Jedi. Sensing the smothering darkness in Bane's heart, however, Lord Kaan broke the circle, intending to finish off the Jedi with more conventional tactics. Lord Kopecz was the last Sith to leave, informing Bane that his loyalty to the dark side before the Brotherhood would not be accepted by Kaan or the other Sith Lords.

Bane then ordered the Sith fleet to end their blockade and engage the Jedi knowing the Jedi would break through supplying reinforcements to the troops on the ground, Soon the Jedi General Farfalla and his gunships arrived and forced the Sith to withdraw. On the ground, the last remnants of the Sith army were pinned down and forced to surrender.

Bane openly admitted that he ordered the Sith fleet to attack the Jedi and break their blockade; in their confrontation Bane actually made Kaan believe that he was manipulating his mind just as Kaan had manipulated the other Sith Lords. Believing that Bane now answered to him, Kaan led the remaining Sith lords into the caves of Ruusan where he intended to lure the Jedi into them and unleash the thought bomb. Jedi Generals Hoth and Farfalla discovered where Kaan was heading—but not the reason why—and rallied their troops to follow.

Rain the girl who would become Darth Zannah
Rain the girl who would become Darth Zannah

Hoth found Kaan, but was unable to prevent him from detonating the thought bomb. The wave of destruction killed Hoth, Kaan, the Jedi in the cave, Githany, and every Sith Lord present. Many miles away, Farfalla and the other Jedi felt Hoth's death and assembled a team to finish off any Sith survivors. Bane, who was many miles away, now knew his plan had worked—the Jedi were unaware of his existence since they believed that all the Sith had been wiped out with the thought bomb, and it was in the shadow of the Jedi's ignorance that he would develop a new Sith Order styled in his own fashion. However, one question continued to trouble him: where would he find an apprentice to which he could pass on what he had learned?.

In the aftermath of the battle, a small girl named Rain, who somehow had managed to survive the war, was awakened by her Bouncer companion, Laa. Her peace of mind was soon cut short when two Jedi killed the Bouncer in front of her, as they had been ordered to kill all Bouncers by Farfalla, who believed the creatures had been driven insane by the thought bomb. Consumed with anger, she used the Force to kill both of them. Bane found her and knew that in her he had found an apprentice worthy of his knowledge.

After leaving Ruusan, Bane headed for Onderon in his ship, the Valcyn. He hoped to learn secrets from deep inside the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Freedon Nadd, eventually he found himself at the ruined crypt of Freedon Nadd's tomb. He could feel the dark side in the tomb and knew he would find what he was looking for here. Finding a Sith holocron, he was attacked by barnacle-like creatures called orbalisks. They attached themselves to Bane's body, causing tremendous pain as they became a part of him.

After spending days studying from the holocron, Bane exited the tomb with a new vision: not only would there be just two Lords at a time, but the armies and minions the Sith had once relied on would be done away with, as well; slowly and in secrecy, the Sith would erode the Galactic Republic until the time was right for them to reveal themselves to the Jedi once more.

Eventually, Bane inducted his new apprentice, giving her the rank of Darth Zannah, and set his new order in motion. Future Sith Lords were taught the virtues of patience, planning, and secrecy, and each was to take on the title of Darth, a tradition that had dated back to the time before the Jedi Civil War, nearly three millennia ago.

The Title Darth

It is believed that the meaning of the word Darth which was a title many sith lords took stems from the Rakatan word Daritha which simply ment Emperor which in itself may stem from the Rakatan words Darr and tah meaning conquest and death but when said together Darr tah ment "conquest through death," meaning the conquest of one's enemies, which is a concept that would not be unknown to a emporer of the warlike Rakatan race.

The first known users of the title were Darth Revan and Darth Malek, though it may date further to Darth Andeddu who wore armour resembling that worn by most Sith during the days of the old sith empire which has led amny to speculate he is a member of the extinct Sith race.

Known Sith

Ancient Sith Lords

  • Adas
  • Dathka Graush
  • Ajunta Pall
  • Tulak Hord
  • Marka Ragnos
  • Naga Sadow
  • Ludo Kressh
  • Freedon Nadd
  • Exar Kun
  • Darth Revan
  • Darth Malak
  • Darth Nihilus
  • Darth Ruin
  • Dark Underlord
  • Darth Rivan
  • Belia Darzu
  • Kaan
  • Qordis
  • Kopecz
  • Kas'im
  • LaTor
  • Seviss Vaa
  • Hezzoran
  • Borthis
  • Orilltha
  • Shenayag
  • Kaox Krul
  • Githany
  • Sirak
  • Darth Bane

Bane's Reformed Order

  • Darth Zannah
  • Darth Cognus
  • Darth Millennial
  • Darth Vectivus
  • Darth Plagueis
  • Palpatine|Darth Sidious
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Tyranus
  • Darth Vader

Sith Roleplay Information

"Will the Sith ever return? It's a probabilistically historical inescapability. But, what makes you think they haven't already? [uneasy laughter]"
— Lecture recording from The Lundi Series, Vol. 5: Historical Reincarnation, Soundbyte Texts

Below is information which will aid people in their roleplaying of Sith it should be noted that none of the below is canon.

Dark Side Hierarchy

The commonly used hierarchy of the Dark Side

There are some ranks not listed here that some may use. This is merely a common player hierarchy.

  • Players who are stronger in the use of Force Powers follow the line on the left.
  • Players who are stronger in the use of Lightsaber combat follow the line on the right.
  • Sith Acolytes do not usually hold a "Darth" title.
  • The third level has two different positions for each strength. Which one is held is determined by the style of the character.

Dark Side Devotee

A position merely held by those who have progressed from Dark Side Adept and are continuing their studies of Force Powers.

Dark Force Witch

Characters who follow a particular culture. There is a lot of devotion to this, and may take part in various rituals.

Dark Side Marauder

Characters of this position are usually trained to become focused on battle, taught to live purely for combat. This is often a major part of a Sith Warrior's training.

Dark Side Assassin

These characters use a much stealthier method of combat, knowing how to reach a target with minimum trouble and confrontation. This is also part of a Sith Warrior's training.

  • Sith Acolyte is sometimes skipped, replaced by a longer time in a level three position before progressing to Sith Warrior or Sith Priest. Those that do become Sith Acolytes often spend time studying the opposite to the strength they have focused on, though never to a point of balance between the two.

Known Player Sith

  • Ivof Dascyyr Darth Vexos (Sith Lord, Current Status Alive, Master of Jar'kai)
  • Listarchos Devious Darth Naeblis (Sith Lord & Master Sith Alchemist, killed by his brother Jrax)
  • Saevio Vispilio Darth Atrox (Sith Lord, Status unknown)
  • Azrakiel Darth Myrmidion (Sith Lord, Status unknown, Apprentice to Darth Atrox)
  • Magus Phasmatis Darth magus(also phasmatis to some) (ex-Sith Lord/priest,Status in hidding/ may be considered heretic to the code, Was apprenticed to Atrox )
  • Morek Kal (Sith Lord, In Hiding, Very skillied in lightsaber combat)
  • Thaesus "Akre'tee"Andromeda (Sith Acolyte, In Hiding, Ex-apprentice to Darth Magus, Makai'zade, and others)
  • Farstrider Sith believer
  • Eternus Nex Darth Judicar (Sith Lord, Dead, Killed by Apprentice, Darth Asmenys, Very Skilled in Sith Magic)

Player Sith Names

Many Sith take their names from ancient languages, often those that had something to do with the Sith at some point.

  • Darth Atrox - Cruel.

Sith Player Associations

Esoteric Cult of Darkness (A secret Darkside sect who heavily follow the Sith Teachings}

Aphotic Rapture

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