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This list Last Updated: 1/2/13 -- Auto Translator Update: 1/3/13

The Sith language was the native language of the people of the pureblood Sith. Even after the extinction of the Sith species, the language was preserved in Sith holocrons, temples, and tomes from a different variety of Sith Lords and historians. The Sith language was written in hooked and barbed hieroglyphs. The language at that time was primitive in pronouncing the word structure. Therefore this language is incomplete to tie along with that aspect.

My friends and I took the liberty of creating one, with the help of my personal friend Shaddos. Together we created this manifest of english to Sith. Currently this script has almost all canon sithese words from various sources from the web, and this scrip is being updated often.

Here is a web based GUI for speaking sith and translating. Translator is not guaranteed to be updated with added words to the script on this web page. We recommend relying on this wiki if the translator isn't up to date. As of 1/3/13 the Auto translator is up to date. Use the Wiki list below for expanded words.

The Sith Language – “Tave Sith Khutrai” By Listarchos Devious, Lithos of The Ebon Hawk -SWTOR.”

1=One:					        Wo
2=Two (Twenty):				Yun
3=Three (Thirty):				Trys
4=Four (Forty):				Keturi
5=Five (Fifty):				Penki
6=Six (Sixty):					Sesi
7=Seven (Seventy):				Septy
8=Eight (Eighty):				Astuoni
9=Nine (Ninety):				Devyni
10=Ten:					Desimt
Ten's/th:					Desein
Hundred/th:					Sintak
Thousand/th:					Tukstan

(Example: Wo-sintak-keturi-penki: Translation: One-hundred-forty-five)

A:						Zo
Abide:                                         Dzwol
Able:						Gabus
Abilities:					Gabunis
Ability:					Gabunas
About						Lig
Abolish:					Turuk
Above:					        Virsuz
Absolute:					Visiskas
Absolutely:					Visiskija
Absolution:					Visiskuma
Accident:					Atvejis
Accidentally:				        Atvejumas
Account:					Danazik
Accountant:				        Danizena
Accuracy:					Grieztani
Accurate:					Grieztas
Accurately:					Grieztamus
Accuse:					Kad'uinte
Accuser:					Kad'uin
Accusation:				        Kad'uinji
Acid:						Crunos
Acolyte:    					Kissai
Action:  				        Zygis
Active:					Gyvas
Activate:					Gyvizas
Add (see Fuel also):		                Kuras
Added:					        Kuraji
Adding:					Kuramus
Addition:					Krideti
Additional:					Kridetina
Admire:					Zavetis
Admirable:					Zavetinas
Admiration:					Zavetimas
Abomination:					Valthiris
Adult:						Suaukes
Advantage:					Fliusas
Advance:					Avansas
Advanced:					Avansaji
Advancing:					Avansumas
Advise:					Chatar
Advised:					Chataren
Advising:					Chatarijas
Advisor:					Chataris
Aft (back of a vessel):			Kizs
After:						Pagal
Aftermath:					Pagalufona
Afternoon: 					Poniete
Again                                          Darval
Against                                        Priaet 
Age:						Amzius
Aged:						Amzuji
Aggrivate:					Avmaudi
Aggrivated:					Avmaudikas
Aggrivating:					Avmaudijas
Agile:						Vikrus
Agility:					Vikrusas
Aging:					        Amzimas
Ago:						Pries
Agree, agreement: 				Derinti, Sandoris
Agreed:					Derintija
Agreeing:					Derintimas
Air (See Oxygen Also):			        Degonis
Alarm:					        Pazika
Alchemer/alchemist:				Eximorto
Alchemist Prefix/Suffix:                       Exi
Alchemy:  					Alchemija
Alcohol:					Spiritas
Alcoholic:					Spiritin
Alive;						Nazeta
All:						Visa
All right:					Zemone
Ale (liquor):					Alus
Alien:						Uzsien
Alley:						Gatzi
Allow:					        Leisti
Ally:						Sajun
Alliance:					Alijansa
Allegiance:					Alijansen
Almost:			`		Bemenk
A Lot:						B'da
Altar:						Xukuras
Alter:						Kastru
Alternative:					Dubletas
Alteration:					Xermania
Alternating:					Xermanima
Aluminum:					Aliumis
Always:					Xisad
Am:     					Sua
An:						Jri
Analise:					Assay
Analysis:					Assajias
Ancient:					Zarchas
Ancestor:(s)                                   Ss'Horunas
And:						ir
Anger:   					Pyktis
Angry:					        Pyktiza
Anguish:                                       Hâsk
Anti- (use as prefix):				Jeit-
Anticipate:					Artini
Anticipated:					Artinija
Anticipation:					Artinimas
Annihilate (See also Destroy):		        Ardyti
Annihilated:				 	Ardytijas
Annihilating:					Ardytumas
Annihilation:					Ardytifaus
Any:						Jok
Anyone:					Kamz
Anything:					Kasidz
Anywhere:					Niekurz
Appetite:					Geismas
Apologize:					Pasaija
Apology:					Pasiais
Apprentice: 					Xaari
Apprentice: (No Master)                        Tyros
Are:						Aras	
Area:						Plota
Argue:					        Sufigen
Argued:					Sufigenis
Arguing:					Sufigentas
Argument:					Sufigenas
Arm:						Atsak
Army:						Karyian
Armament:					Ginkluote
Armor:					        Leidimas
Armorsmith:					Kalvimas
Around:					Netolise
Arrival:					Tevolikas
Arrive:					Tevola
Arrived:					Tevolijas
Arriving:					Tevolunas
Artificial:					Avesime
Artificially:					Avesimeki
Architect:					Sandara
As:						Vi
Ascend:					Kilti
Ascended:					Kiltijas
Ascention:					Kilzarkas
Ask:						Uzpra
Asked:					        Uzpraji
Asking:					Uzpramas
Assassin:   					Sarrai
Assassin Suffix: [after ones name]             'een
Assassinate:					Gavazujas
Assassinated:					Gavazudys
Assemble:					Montuoti
Assembled:					Montujias
Assembling:					Montuomas
Assult:					Vastazi
Assulted:					Vastazija
Asteroid:					Asterok
Astray:                                        Kvaiten
At:                                            Sso 
Attach:					Skirti
Attached:					Skirtijas
Attaching:					Skirtumas
Attachment:					Thaelisas
Attack:					Vulti
Attacked:					Vultijas
Attacker:     					Vuolejas
Attacking:					Vultumas
Attempt:					Bandymas
Attempted:					Bandija
Attempting:					Bandumas
Attend:					Klausy
Attending:					Klausima
Attention:					Ataedias
Aunt:						Vieole
Auto:						Masi
Automatic:					Masinas
Available:					Prienulus
Average:					Vidukis
Avoid:					        Sainti
Avoided:					Saintija
Avoiding:					Saintumas
Aware:					        Samoni
Away:						Salini
Axe:						Apkari
Baby:						Kudik
Bad:						Nustia
Badly:						Nustikas
Back: (spine, back part of body)               Atra
Back:						Atgal
Backed:					Atgalja
Backing:					Atgalumas
Bag:						Kraut
Bait:						Vilion
Baited:					Viliojas
Baiting:					Vilionas
Bath:						Vonia
Bathe:						Vonin
Bathed:					Vonija
Bathing:					Vonimas
Be:						Buti
Beast:						Zveris
Before:					Negu
Began:					        Statis
Begin:						Stotis
Beginning:					Stotikas
Barely                                         Bastik 
Barter:					Mainai
Balance:					Atsvara
Balanced:					Atsvarad
Balancing:					Atsvarak
Ban:						Tifunaz
Bane:						Maras
Banned:					Tifunaji
Banish:					Tifunez
Banished:					Tifuneji
Bar:						Baras
Bare:						Tuzci
Barricade:					Narikada
Barren:					jviete
Bask:       					Krepsys
Basking:					Krepsimas
Bastard:					Nesanto
Bay:                                           Nisa
Beautiful:                                     Dhasias
Beauty:                                        Dhasi
Became:					Darytija
Become:					Darytis
Becoming:					darytiko
Bear                                           Basas 
Been:						Tukodi
Behead:					Dakraze
Beheaded:					Dakraejas
Beheading:					Dakraemas
Behind                                         Askal 
Beside:					Greta
Besides:					Gretusa
Betray;					Isdavy
Betrayal:					Isdav'kas
Betrayed:					Isdavijas
Betrayer:					Isdavkal
Beckon:					Mishrak
Beckoned:					Mishrajas
Beckoning:					Mishrakumas
Begone:					Bac'kaj
Believe                                        Manyta
Believed                                       Manytio
Believer                                       Manytija
Believing                                      Manytimas  
Below:					        Zemiau
Better:					Verciau
Bid:						Vae
Bidding:					Vaeka
Big:						Nyâsh
Bigger:					Nyâshsa
Biggest:					Nyâshsis
Bio:						Nosi
Bionic:					Nosfer-Zeta
Bitter:                                        Aitrus
Black:   					Kinta
Blackest:                                      Kintik
Blade:	[edge of a blade ]     			Asmenys
Bladeborn:                                     Jenkari'uul
Bladeborn Suffix: [placed after ones name]    'uul
Blank:						Tufias
Blanket:					Klode'
Blanketed:					Klodijas
Blaster:                                       Suoras
Blaze:						Pragari
Blazed:					Pragarija
Blazing:					Pragarumas
Bled:						Krajotuz
Bleed:						Krajoti
Bleeding:					Krajotimas
Blink:						Akimo
Blinked:					Akimoja
Blinking:					Akimas
Blood:     					Kraujas
Blue:    					Zydras
Body:						Ikuny
Boil:						Degti
Boiled:					Degtija
Boiling:					Degtimas
Bombard:					Uztvaes
Bombarded:					Uztvarijas
Bombarding:					Uztvarnas
Bombardment:				        Uztvar
Bond:       					Rysys
Bonded:					Rysijas
Bonding:					Rysumas
Book:						Knyga
Boost:						Pusti
Booster:					Padrenias
Boot:						Batas
Both:						Abid
Bother:					Listi
Bothered:					Listija
Bothering:					Listimas
Bounty:					Premija
Bounty Hunter:  			        Priekojas
Boss:						Sefas
Bow:						Lenkti
Bowel:					        Vidurys
Bone:     					Skeletas
Born:						koshûjontû
Borne:                                         Iprotis
Bottom:					Apacia
Box:						Boksas
Boy:						Sunus
Brace:						Ramstis
Braced:					Ramsijas
Bracing:					Ramstumas
Bracer:					Poras
Braid:						Galiona
Brang:						Nestasi
Break:						Kots
Breast:					Krutine
Breath:					Kvapas
Breathe:					Kvapis
Bring:						Nesti
Bringing:					Nestizas
Bristly:					Notasa
Broke:						Svistun
Broken:					Svistuis
Bronze:					Bronza
Brother (Refer to one person):		        Brolin
Brothers (Refer to Many):			Brolis
Brotherhood:					Brolisuna
Bunker:					Uzuove
Build:						Stotaz
Building:					Statyban
Burn:                                          Karst
Burned:                                        Karsti
Burning:                                       Karsta
Bury:						Ladoti
Buried:					Ladotuma
Business:					Firma
But:    			                Kad
Bye (Farewell):      			        Selesna
Cable:						Trosas
Calculate:					Planuoti
Calculated:					Planutija
Calculation:					Skaicuoti
Cargo:						Vazta
Cargo Hold:					Vazta Galia
Call:						Visita
Called:					Visitija
Calling:					Visitina
Calm:						Malsini
Calmer:					Malsinuma
Camaraderie:					Drazitakas
Came:						Tapuiz
Can:						Gal
Cannot:					Galeji
Can't:						Galetis
Cantina (Club or Bar):			        Vezdas
Capacitor:					Katorius
Capital:					Sostine
Captive:					Belais
Carbon:					Anglis
Carbonate:					Karbondas
Carry:						Gaben
Carried:					Gabenji
Carrying:					Gabemas
Cave:						Griova
Ceiling:					Lubos
Cell:						Cele
Center (Middle): 				Centruoti
Century:					Simtine
Chaos: (hell):        				Netvarka or Chaosas
Chain:						Itsu
Chair:						Ke'de
Challenge:                                     Kovothis
Chamber:					Kamera
Chamberlain:					Kaziurian
Champion:					Kovoti
Championship:				        Kovotojas
Channel:    					Kanalas
Channeled:					Kanalijas
Channeling:					Kanalumas
Character:					Herojus
Check:					        Kontrole
Checked:					Kontrojas
Checking:					Kontromas
Chef:						Virejas
Cherish:					Mielas
Cherished:					Mielasis
Cherishes:					Mielaski
Cherishing:					Mielasos
Chest: (body)                                  Krut
Chick (slang for woman):			Vaikut
Child:                                         Berniuk
Children:				        Berniuk
Choice:					Siurk
Chop:						Duoti
Chopped:					Duotijas
Chopping:					Duotimas
Choose:					Noreti
Chose:					        Noretijas
Chosen:					Noretivas
Chronicler (See also Historian):		Cthoras
Chronology:					Amzitajen
Circle:                                        Auksta
Circuit:					Schema
Circuitry:					Schemanis
Civil:						Aseani
Clan (see also Guild):				-Kla
Class:						Kurvas
Claw:						Letena
Clone:						Xopisa
Cloned:					Xopisaji
Close:						Arti
Closed:					Artija
Closer:					Artigaus
Closing:					Artimas
Cloth:						Drobe
Clothing:					Drobe
Clean:						Valyti
Cleaned:					Valytijas
Cleaning:					Valytimas
Cleaner:					Valytuva
Cleanliness:					Valytumas
Clear:						Blaivus
Clip:						Vertuk
City:						Miestas
Civil:						Civxa
Civilian:					Civxian
Civilized:					Civxiaz
Communicate:				        Pranesimas
Communication:				        Pranesivas
Conceal:					Nosleti
Concealed:					Nosletija
Concealing:					Nosletumas
Conclude:					Zabaiga
Concluded:					Zabaijias
Conclusion:					Zabaigumas
Confine:					Gymeti
Confined:					Gymetikas
Connect:					Sieti
Connected:					Sietij
Connection:    				Sarysis
Connector:					Sietisa
Consume:    					Vartoti
Consumed:					Vartotijas
Consuming:					Vartotimas
Copper:					Varinis
Correct:					Daus
Corrected:					Dausij
Correcting:					Dausimas
Corellia:                                      Truazbrolas
Corellian:                                     Truazbroa
Crave:                                         Hyal
Crazy:						Kvailas
Craziness:					Kvailima
Creed:                                         Savak
Crevice:					Certesi
Crouch:                                        Anyt
Crowd:					        Burys
Crowded:					Burija
Crush:      					Tsyok
Crushed:					Tsyokijas
Crushing:					Tsyokimas
Colonel:					Xinita
Combat:					Kova
Combatant:					Kovifonas
Come:						Tapti'
Comet:					        Kometa
Combust, Combustion:			        Sprog, Sprogti
Coming:					Taptide'
Command:					Xuontai
Commanding:					Xuontaj
Commander:					Xuont'vaj
Commando:					Valdikas
Complete:					Kuplah
Compact:					Pudrine
Compacting:					Pudrinstas
Compactor:					Pudrinkos
Compound:					Sudetin
Combine:					Kombain
Combined:					Kombajia
Combination:					Kombanus
Compile:					Sudary
Compiled:					Sudarija
Compiling:					Sudarumas
Concern:					Liesti
Concubine:					Kolegaz
Consular:					Saugoti
Comrade:					Drauges
Consider:					Gvilden
Considering:					Gvildij
Considerable:					Gerokas
Considerate:					Xalonus
Consideration:				        Kelsigna
Constitution:					Struktura
Code:						Sifu
Codex:					        Sifuas
Cold:						Slona
Contact:					Kontakta
Contacted:					Kontakijas
Contacting:					Kontakmas
Condition:					Buviz
Conditional:					Buvizak
Conditioning:					Buvizag
Confidence:					Tiekjim
Confident:					Tiekaza
Confidential:					Tiekazadom
Contract:					Trauktis
Contractor:					Trauktina
Contracted:					Kruosti
Console:					Deze
Construct:					Statyti
Constructed:					Statyijas
Construction:					Statymas
Container:					Tara
Conviction:					Tizrumas
Cool:						Siea
Cooler (freezer):				Ledeti
Core:						Serdis
Corridor:					Koridorius
Corrupt:					Jivani
Corrupted:					Jivanijas
Corrupting:					Jivanimas
Corruption:					Jivanikas
Corpse, see Remains Also:			Lavonas
Corner:					Kerte
Cornered:					Kertija
Cornering:					Kertimas
Cortosis:					Corvosi
Council:					Komunal
Count (as a process and a person. Male):	Grafas
Counted:					Grafajia
Counter:					Bufetas
Countess (Female):				Grafizas
Counting:					Grafasumas
Course:					Takas
Cousin:					Ventili
Covenant:                                      Ssraeth
Cover:						Apklot
Covered:					Apklojas
Covering:					Apklomas
Covert:					Priefaus
Curious:					Smalsus
Curiousity:					Smalsuthes
Curiously:					Smalsuli
Crack:						Luzis
Crash:						Dundesys
Crashed:					Dundesijas
Crashing:					Dundesumas
Crate:						Vazte
Create:                                        Evita
Created:                                       Evitika
Creating:                                      Evitimas
Creator:                                       Sareas
Creature:					Irankir
Credits/money:				        Finas
Crest:						Gubrys
Cried:						Siulija
Crime:					        Nusizen
Cruel:						Ziaurus
Cruelty:					Ziauruma
Cry:						Siuly
Crying:					Siulimas
Crystal: 					Skaidrus
Cryo-genic:					Sali-Jenis
Curse:						Diable
Cut:  (slice, etc)                      Rieke
Cyber:						Datalin
Cybernetic:					Dataliza
Cycle:						Ciklas
Cycled:					Ciklija
Cycling:					Ciklumas
Daily:						Dienra
Danger:					Grezme
Dangerous:					Grezmenes
Dare:						Rixik
Dark:       					Jen'
Dark Lord:                                     Jen'Ari
Darkness: 					Jena'tes
Darling                                        Mielis
Darth:						Urvaz
Data-Disk:					Plok'stele
Daughter:                                      Dukra
Day:       					Diena
Dead:						Guduma
Deadly:					Gudujas
Deadliest:					Gudumakas
Deal:						Spresti
Dealing:					Sprestumas
Dealt:						Sprestinas
Dear:						Vina
Death:  					Mirtis
Death Blow: 					Mirt'Smugis
Debate:					Polemiz
Decade:					Simtukas
Decay:					        Trunyti
Decayed:					Trunyijas
Decaying:					Trunyumas
Deceit:					Apgaule
Deceitful:					Apgaujen
Deception:					Gudrybe
Decide:					Nutaris
Decided:					Nutarijas
Deciding:					Nutarimas
Decision:					Nutarisas
Decorate:					Dekori
Decorated:					Dekorijas
Decoration:					Dekorima
Decorating:					Dekorije
Decrease:					Sumazi
Decreased:					Sumazija
Decreasing:					Sumazumas
Defeat:					Anuloti
Defeated:					Anulija
Defeating:					Anulomas
Defile:					Pliurza
Defiled:					Pliurzija
Defiling:					Pliurzumas
Define:					Aibreti
Defined:					Aibreja
Defining:					Aibremas
Definition:					Ryskumas
Defy:						Inoruti
Dense, Density:				Bukas, bukamos
Deep:						Jura
Deliver:					Sakyti
Delivered:					Sakytijas
Delivering:					Sakytimas
Delivery:					Sakytuzi
Demand:					Klausti
Demanded:					Klausijas
Demanding:					Klaustumas
Demon:                                         Siqsa
Demote:					Pareigi
Demoted:					Pareigijas
Demoting:					Pareigumas
Demotion:					Pareigu
Desk:						Kasa
Destroy (See also Anniliate):			Ardyti
Destroyed:					Ardytijas
Destroying:					Ardytumas
Destruct:					Prazut
Destruction:					Prazutis
Demolish:					Griauti
Depart:					Cechas
Departed:					Cechijas
Departing:					Cechumas
Department:					Sektorius
Departure:					Cechaeka
Deposit:					Klodas
Deposited:					Klodijas
Depositing:					Klodumas
Depot:						Depas
Depth:						Gylis
Descend:					Virsen
Descent:                                       Virseni
Descended:					Virseija
Descention:					Virsenumas
Desecrate:					Thevora
Desecrated:					Thevorimas
Desire:					Svajone
Desirable:					Svajonat
Devious:					Vylius
Deveait:					Vylifas
Devour:                                        Derrini
Devoured:                                      Derrijas
Devourer:                                      Derriphan
Diagnose:					Tarvias
Diagnostic:					Tarviosas
Dial:						Skalie
Dialect:					Snekta
Dialogue:					Kalbetis
Die:                                           Mrias
Died:                                          Mriajas
Difference:					Hevilani
Different:					Hevilas
Differently:					Hevilasis
Differential:					Hevilasus
Dig:						Bedzi
Digging:					Bedzimas
Dine                                           Jietu
Dined                                          Jietio
Dining                                         Jietimas  
Directive:					Direktyva
Dirty:						Zebra
Disability:					Nej'sumaz
Disable:					Avari
Disabled:					Avarija
Disassemble:					Montuonie
Disassembled:				        montunija
Discover:					Avoztuna
Disguise:					Anvozas
Disgust:  					Koktus
Dismiss:					Toliau
Dismissed:					Toliaxi
Dispose:					Disloku
Disposed:					Dislokijas
Disposing:					Dislokumas
Disqualified:					Ruosnijas
Disqualify:					Ruosnie
Dissension:					Kiltzarkos
Distract:                                      Ativak
Distracted:                                    Ativakija 
Distracting:                                   Ativakimas 
Distraction                                    Ativaklas 
Distress:					Kancia
Distinct:					Skirtejo
Distinctive:					Skirtemas
Distinctiveness:				Skirtego
Distress:					Grauzatis
Divide:					Basuoti
Do:         					Dary
Does:						Dartovi
Doesn't:					Dartov'ne
Done (See also finish):	    		Dinora
Dragoon:					Nissian
Drain:						Eikvoti
Drained:					Eikvoija
Drainer:					Eikvotis
Draining:					Eikvotumas
Drank:					        Gertui
Dread:						Naefas
Dreadful:					Naeblis
Dream:                                         Kûsk
Drill:						Landa
Drilled:					Landias
Drilling:					Landijas
Drink:      					Gerti
Droid:						Doroti
Droid Engineer:				Tekzugurak
Drop:						Lasas
Dropped:					Lasajia
Dropping:					Lasamis
Do:						Isar
Does:						Ovas
Doing:					        Isarian
Domestic:					Prijauk
Domesticate: 					Prijaukinti
Domesticated:	   			        Prijaukija
Domain:					Valda
Dominate:                                      Vyrassu
Dominated:                                     Vyrassija
Dominating:                                    Vyrassimas
Dominion:					Valdias
Domicile:					Bustas
Don't:      					Virt'ne
Dock:						Dokas
Doctrine:                                      Ajak
Doctrine, Sith:                                Tsisajak
Door:						Dury
Dose:						Porcija
Dosage:					Porcijen
Double:					Dukart
Doubled:					Dukajia
Down:       					Kalv
Download:					Kalvesi
Downloaded:					Kalvesija
Downloading:					Kalvesimas
Duck: (see crouch)                             Anyt
Duel:                                          Kaggath
Dug:						Bedzija
Duration:					Trukme
Each:						Alia
Ear:						Ausis
Echo:						Aidas
Echoes:					Aidajas
Easy:						Patogus
Easier:					Sulono
Easiest:					Suloman
Erase:						Skusti
Ease:						Sulo
East:						Rytinis
Eat:        					Kristi
Eaten:						Kristis
Eating:					Kristumas
Edicate:					Elgsena
Elegance:					Gracijas
Elegant:					Grakstus
Elbow:					        Alkune
Elder:						Vyres
Electricity:					Jaudulis
Elite:						Kuoz
Else:						Kitur
Elusive:					Svelnus
Ember:                                         Chwûq
Embodiment:                                    Tsawak
Embrace:					Naudot
Emit:						Deisti
Emitter:					Deistuva
Empress:                                       Kal’Linas 
Emperor:                                       Kal’Evos 
Empire:					Aeuso
Empty:					        Tuscias
Emptiness:					Tustuma
Enclave:                                       Dresuoti
Enclose:					Tverti
Enclosed:					Tvertijas
End:						Qorit
Ended:					        Qorej
Ending:					Qoremi
Endless:					Qormuo
Endurance:					Tverme
Endure:					Kente
Enforce:					Spausti
Enforced:					Spausijas
Engage:					Hadoti
Engaged:					Hadotija
Engine:					Zuguzys
Engineer: 			                Zugurak
Engineered:					Zugurukaj
Engineering:					Zugurukamus
Energy:					Jegala
Enemy:   					Laikas
Enough:					Gana
Enslave:					Ruoverg
Enter:						Dalyva
Entrance:					Dalivisas
Entertain:					Euosleti
Entertainer:					Euoslenia
Entertainment:				        Vaises
Entombed:					Ankapis
Entrance:					Ieiga
Envelop:					Apdak
Error:						Klaida
Escape:					Nuotek
Escaped:					Nuotekij
Escaping:					Nuotekimas
Essence:					Esencija
Essential:					Esminis
Even:						Dar
Ever:						Visaz
Every:						Visas
Everyone:					Aliai
Everything:					Viskas
Evidence:					Irodymas
Evolution:					Figura
Exact:						Butent
Exactly:					Butenji
Examine:					Ziurine
Examined:					Ziuronija
Examination:					Ziuronimas
Example:					Faveik
Excellent:  					Duchna
Excuse:					Dovo
Excused:					Dovones
Excuses:					Dateies
Exempt:					Devat
Exhale:					Delakis
Exile:						Tremsi
Exiled:					Tremsijen
Exit:						Mesti
Exist:                                         Dzwol
Exotic:					Svetina
Exploit:                                       Kasyba
Extra:						Ypac
Eye:                                           Akute
Faction:					Frakcija
Factory:					Fakora
Fade:                                          Dziu
Faded:                                         Dziuses
Fading:                                        Dziukes
Fail:						Neviz
Failed:					Nevizkut
Failure:					Nevizkas
Fall:						Gimti
Falling:					Gimtak
False:						Krevas
Fame:						Garsas
Familiar:					Naminis
Family:					Drajunas
Famous:					Garsus
Far:						Tolus
Farther:					Tolusia
Farthest:					Tolusina
Fast:						Arti
Faster:					Artisas
Fastest:					Artizujas
Fat:						Apkunus
Father:                                        Jaarvek
Fatter:					Apkunias
Fattest:					Apkunisa
Favorite:					Ziedas
Favoritism:					Ziedajen
Faith, Faithful:				Tikyba, Tikras
Fear:						Naile
Feared:					Nailijas
Fearing:					Nailimas
Fed:						Selie
Feed:						Selien
Feeding:					Pasarin
Feel: 					        Lyteti
Feeling:					Lytetija
Feet:						Gloture
Fell:						Gimto
Felt:						Lytekias
Female:					Patelex
Ferrous:					Vaisda
Few:						Kelet
Fewer:					        Keletis
Fiber:						Skaidula
Fiberplast:					Nuozas
Figure:					Protes
Figured:					Protos
Figuring:					Protosijas
Field:						Sfera
Fill:						Flomba	
Filled:					Flomija
Filling:					Flominas
Filth:						Nesvan
Filthy:					Nesvanis
Find:						Xauti
Finding:					Xautimas
Fine:						Sveln
Finger:					Iskusti
Finish (See also Done):	    		Dinora
Finished:					Dinorijas
Finishing:					Dinorumas
First:						Karuvis
First Born (birthright name):			Xivus
Fist:						Kevn
Flavor:					Skomi
Flee:						Vengti	
Flip:						Salto
Flora:						Flora
Floor:						Paklote'
Fluid:						Takus
Freight:					Vezti
Fresh:						Metoze
Friend:					Dolega
Friendliness:					Palegumas
Friendly:					Dolegus
Friendship:					Dolestye
Fruit:						Vaisius
Father:					Tevas
Fire:						Saud
Fire(attack):					Pulest
Fired:						Kuelij
Flesh / Skin:  			        Mesinis
Flow:						Sveni
Focus:      					Zidinys
Focused:					Zidinija
Focusing:					Zidinas
Fog:						Atolas
Follow:					Stebe
Follower:					Stebitaz
Following:					Stebite'
Fool:       					Zioplys
Foolish:					Kvailas
For:  						Nuo
Fore (front side of a Vessel- Or Bow):	        Prozu
Force:     					Qyâsik
Force Sensitive:				Ver'Qyâsik
Forest:					Giria
Forever:					Dekomet
Forget:					Zmir
Forgot:					Zmirsti
Forgotten:					Uzmirsti
Form:						Xuolis
Formed:					Xuolijas
Forming:					Xuolimas
Fort:						Fortaz
Fortunate:					Desmina
Forward:					Primyn
Fought:					Kovinis
Found:					        lieti
Founder:					lietufas
Foundation:					Fondas
Founder:					kurejas
Freak:						Ozys
Free:						Won
Freedom:					Wonosa
Friend / Friendly:  			        Draugas / Draugingas
Fright:                                        Baime
Frighten:                                      Baiminta
Frightening:                                   Baiminti
From:						Sulig
Front:						Drasak
Fuel:		       		                Kuras
Fueled:					Kurajis
Fueleing:					Kurasimas
Fulfill:					Sotus
Full:						Issas
Further:					Tollis
Future:					Ateitis
Fuse:						Degiklis
Gag:						Pokstec
Gain:						Gauti
Gained:					Gautijas
Gaining:					Chats
Gang:						Sutve
Ganged:					Sutvijas
Galaxy:					Plejada
Garden:					Sodas
Gather:     					Vokti
Gathered:					Voktija
Gathering:					Voktimas
Gauss:						Siulas
Gave:						Aukotinas
Generation:					Karta
Genetic:					Gidjak
General:					Vikuotin
Generate:					Xenruoti
Generated:					Xenruotijas
Generating:					Xenruotumas
Generator:					Xenruofa
Gem:						Perlas
Genius:					Genijus
Genocide:					Genocidas
Get:						Itik
Ghost:						Dvasia
Girl:						Panele
Give:       					Auktoi
Given:						Auktoijas
Giving:					Auktoimas
Glory:						Aureole
Glove:						Pristine
Glow:						Zara
Glowing:					Zarimas
Glyph:					        Ronifax
Go:         					Zuti
God:						Valzino
Goddess:					Valzina
Going:					        Bukle
Gold:						Auksas
Golden:					Auksifas
Gone:						Kaire
Good:       					Zyemus
Got:						Itikuda
Gouge:					        Indiax
Gown:						Mantija
Grade:						Marke'
Grain:						Duona
Grammar:					Nachari
Grand                                          Ruza 
Grand Father:					Senelis
Grand Mother:				        Senelie
Grant:						Dotacij
Granted:					Dotacijas
Granting:					Dotacimas
Grasp:      					Griebti
Grass:						Ganykla
Grate:						Trinn
Grateful:					Malonus
Gravel:					Zvirk
Gravity:					Svarba
Great:						Zavus
Greater:					Zavusina
Greatest:					Zavusuma
Greed:						Rajus
Greedy:					Rajuvas
Green:   					Zalias
Greet:						Labinti
Greetings:  					labintias
Grey:						Zile'
Grieve:					Sielotis
Grovel:					Akmenis
Grow:						isauga
Growing:					Isaugimas
Grown:					        Isaugujas
Grotto:					Spatok
Gross (Disgusting):				Vidaus
Gross:	(Gross Pay):  				Bendras
Ground:					Dirva
Group:					        Guota
Guilty:					Kaltas
Gun(s):					Gutlas
Guard:                                         Serjek
Guarded:                                       Serjinas 
Guardian:	                                Sergeti
Guardian Prefix/Suffix:                        Kaar
Guarding:                                      Serjemas
Guide:						Vesti
Guild (see also Clan):				Tvarja
Guise:						Anvoz
Gut:						Zarna
Gutted:					Zarnajen
Gutting:					Zarnamus
Had:						Zin
Hadn't:					Zin'sei
Hail (to one person):     			Kruso
Hail (to more than two people):		Krusas
Halt / Stop:                            	Ur-Kaa
Hand:    					Raka
Hang:						Guk
Hall, Hallway:				        Hale', Priemene
Half:                                          Viek
Happen:					Rast
Happening:					Rastimas
Happy:					        Liamin
Hard:						Kietas
Harder:					Kietaje
Hardest:					Kietajen
Hardly:					Kietami
Has:						Uud
Hasn't:					Uud'ta
Haste:						Umus
Hasty:						Umusikas
Hate:						Sethi
Hated:                                         Sethik
Hatred:					Nekesti
Have:						Zinot
Havn't:					Zinoui
Haven:					        Uostas
He:      					Tym
Head:   					Zmogus
Health / Your Health:  			Tostas
Heal:						Akti
Healing:					Aktides
Heard: 					Girdim
Hear:						Girdeti
Hearing:					Girda
Heat:						Draika
Heavy:					        Griezta
Heel:						Strogu
Held:						Galiasi
Help:       					Tarnas
Helped:					Tarnavis
Helping:					Tarnamus
Hence:					        Vaidix
Height:					Augumas
Her:   					Ji
Hers:    					Jises
Here:						Stai
Hero:						Karzye
Heroic:					Karzinas
Heroism:					Karzyina
Hesitant:					Dvejotas
Hesitate:					Dvejoti
Hesitated:					Dvejoni
Hey:						Yato
Him:      					Jis
His:    			                Jiso 
Hit:						Dauz
Hide:						Odacon
Hidden:					Odacai
Hiding:                                        Odacai
High:						Geras
Highly:					Gerajea
Hinder:					Trukdy
Hilt:						Rakena
Historian (See also Chronicler):		Istorikas
Hold:       					Galia
Holding:					Galiamus
Holocomm, Comm:				Vizija
Holster:					Brutika
Hook:						Kavle
Hooked:					Kavlis
Hooking:					Kavlijas
Horizon:					Akiratis
Horizontal:					Gulstinis
Honor:    					Vik'dyt
Honorable:					Vik'difaus
Honour:					Vik'dyt
Hope:						Lausk
Hoped:					        Lausis
Hopeful:					Tyro
Hoping:					Lausijas
Horn:						Ragas
Hour:						Valan
Hourly:					Valasin
House:					        Trovas
Housing:					Sensas
How:        					Kait
However:					Kaitas
Hull:						Izti
Human:					        Zmones
Humanoid:					Zmoneka
Hunger:					Alkis
Hungry:					Alkuza
Hunt:						Kojasi
Hunted:					Kojania
Hunter:					Kojafonas
Hunting:					Kojasimas
Husband:					Valdyto
Hutt:						Zetoas
Hyper:					        Talakus
Hyper-Space:					Talak-Viet
Hypocrite:					Viedmain
I:         					Nu
I'd:						Sau'ti
Idea:						Savoka
Ideal:						Savoki
Identity:					Vienybe
Identify:					Vienyfas
Idol:						Dieva
Ice:						Slonias
Icon:						Ikona
Icy:						Slonijas
If:     					Ar
Ignite:					Gurutek
Ignited:					Gurutijas
Igniting:					Gurutumas
Ignore:					Niekinti
Ignored:					Niekinija
Ignoring:					Niekinumas
Ignorant:					Niekinuas
Ignorance:					Niekinika
Illusion:					Mirazas
I'm:						Ja'um
Imagine:					Vazdosis
Imagined:					Vazdosijas
Imagining:					Vazdosumas
Imbue:      					Tureti
Immature:					Jaunas
Immediate:                                     Tuojau
Immediately:                                   Tuojausas 
Immortal:					Zkasaeva
Immune:					Ximue
Immunity:					Ximuane
Immunize:					Skiepyti
Immunized:					Skiepija
Impress:					Gruntis
Impressed:					Gruntas
Impressive:					Parodija
Improve:					Geret
Improved:					Gerejas
Improving:					Geremasi
Improvement:					Gerlinkas
Important:					Orus
In:         					Is
Incapacitate:					Turiex
Incident:					Kazusan
Incompetent:					Stokodi 
Incorrect:					Ni'Daus
Increase:					Vada
Increased:					Vadaeja
Increasing:					Vadaemas
Indeed:					Istesi
Indicate:					Reiksti
Indicated:					Reikstijas
Indicating:					Reikstimas
Inflate:					Didet
Inform:					Zintia
Information:					Zinia
Infuse:					Daefikis
Infused:					Daefijas
Infusing:					Daefikumas
Inhale:					Ikvepti
Inhaled:					Ikvepijas
Insidious:					Vylingas
Initial:					Pradinis
Initially:					Pradunis
Initiate:					Intissa
Initiated:					Intisijas
Initiating:					Intisimas
Inner:						Vidinis
Instinct:					Kupinas
Insult:					Uzgaule
Insulted:					Uzgauja
Insulting:					Uzgaulus
Intense:					Gilus
Intensify:					Giluzidas
Intend:					Ketinti
Intended:					Ketinjas
Intending:					Ketinumas
Intent:					Idemus
Intention:					Idevoka
Intentionally:					Ideycia
Interest:					Nauda
Interested:					Naudijas
Interesting:					Naugast
Interface:					Uzkreva
Interview:                                     Sustikas
Interviewed:                                   Sustijas
Interviewing:                                  Sustimas
Intestine:                                     Wodza
Into:						Je'as
Intrigue:                                      Masilo
Intrigued:                                     Masilija
Intriguing:                                    Masilimas  
Inject:					Adava
Injected:					Adavija
Injector:					Adavuna
Injecting:					Adavumas
Innocent:					Nekaltas
Input:						Indelis
Intelligence:					Sumanuma
Intellect:					Juo'telek
Insane:					Deklaw
Insanity:					Deklatis
Inside:						Siela
Injury, injuries, injured:			Trauxma
Invest:					Blokunas
Investor:					Blokunis
Invested:					Blokunija
Investigate:					Tyrineti
Investigation:					Tyrinejia
Investing:					Blokajima
Invitation:					Uzprasina
Invisibility:					Xratonijas
Invisible:					Xratonas
Invite:					Upras
Invited:					Uprajen
Iron:						Gelezis
Irritate:					Manizas
Irritated:					Maniasi
Irritating:					Maniaji
It:   						Zhol
It's:						Zh'ae
Ithorian:					Le'kryz
Is:       					Kash
Island:					izoliuo
Isn't:						Ne'ies
Jagged:					Varpax
Jaw:						Ziauna
Jawa:						Mazenu
Jealous:					Pavydus
Jealousy:					Pavydas
Jedi:        					Jidai
Join:						Grizti
Joined:					Griztijas
Joining:					Griztumas
Joint (socketed item):				Raeveti
Joint (together):				Sanara
Jointly:					Isvien
Joke, jest:					Jukodas
Judge:						Arbitras
Jump:                                          Sokti
Junk:						Tervas
Junkyard:					Tervaploti
Jury:						Ziuri
Just:						Tezn
Justice:					Teisybe
Justify:					Teisinty
Joy:                                           Dzia
Kaiburr:					Rekolaz
Keep:                                          Kaer
Keeper:                                        Kaar
Kept:                                          Kaari
Kick:						Deti
Kicked:					Detijas
Kicking:					Detimas
Kill:      					Zudyti
Killed:					Zudijas
Killer:					Zudifas
Killing:					Zudimas
Kinetic:					Xinets
Knee:						Atsiki
Kneel (as a command):    			Atsikla
Knee Cap:					Atsiku-Joni
Knight:					Zirgas
Knot:                                          Nin
Know:						Zenoti
Knowing:					Zenotisas
Knowingly:					Zenotivas
Knowledgable:				Azinimatis
Knowledge:					Azinimas
Known:					Zenota
Lab (short for Laboratory):			Kemot
Labor:						Sunkus
Laboratory:					Kemitoraz
Lady:						Zeon
Lair:						Narvas
Lance:						Ulonas
Land:						Laime
Landing:					Laimek
Landed:					Laimet
Laser:						Lazeris
Last:						Galas
Lastly:					Galasie
Late:						Velus
Lately:					Velyv
Later:						Veliau
Latest:						Velinis
Latitude:					Platuma
Lack, lacking:					Stoka, Stokti
Lacked:					Stokai
Language:					Khutrai
Large:						Didelis
Laugh:					Juofa
Laughed:					Juofaji
Laughing:					Juofamas
Laughter:					Juofanio
Law:						Chwayat
Layer:						Dedek
Layered:					Dedekas
Layering:					Dedekijas
Lead:						Threx
Leader:					Vadovas
Leading:					Threxias
Leaf:                                          Dzu
Lean:						Liet
Leaned:					Lietij
Leaning:					Lietima
Learn:						Svies
Learner:                                       Svaari
Learning:                                      Sviemas
Leather:					Dirzas
Leathery:					Dirzaki
Leave:						Mezdi
Leaving:					Mezdimas
Leech:						Kraygerys
Left:						Kairys
Leg:						Koja
Legal:						Teisetas
Legality:				    	Teisetumas
Legally:					Teisetunas
Legend:					Irasa
Legendary:					Irasinas
Lens, lense:					Lesis
Lent:						Xaska
Lesson:                                        Syrius
Let:						Tegu
Letter:					Zymeti
Letter(s) –single digits of a word):		Zyunas
Less:						Mazet
Levitate:                                      Lamor
Levitated:                                     Lamorjas
Levitating:                                    Lamorimas
Lie						Tash
Lied:						Tashija
Lieing:					Tashinas
Life:   				        Natura
Lid:						Antvosas
Light:     					Irus'
Lightsaber:					Ardu'Kardas
Like:						Kais
Liked:						Kaisijas
Liking:					Kaisumas
Limit:						Riba
Limited:					Ribija
Limiting:					Ribinis
Linger:					Delsti
Lingering:					Delstij
Lingual:					Kalbah
Link:       					Akis
Linked:					Akisijas
Linking:					Akisumas
Lip:						Lupa
Listen:					Klazje
Listening:					Klazjen
Little:                                        Yunoks
Little One:                                    Woyunoks
Littler:                                       Trusas
Livid:						Ziedjex
Locate:					Fiksot
Located:					Fiksotija
Location:					Fadetis
Lock:						Sliuz
Locked:					Sliuzij
Locking:					Sliuzima
Logic:						Supras
Logical:					Suprava
Load:						Nasto
Loan:						Xasko
Loaned:					Xaskija
Loaning:					Xaskima
Lone:						Vienas
Long:						Letas
Longer:					Geismano
Longing:					Geismaz
Longitude:					Rektascen
Look:						Mada
Looked:					Madjen
Looking:					Madesn
Lord:       					Ari
Lost:						Sesie
Love:    					Nulis
Loved:					        Nulija
Loving:					Nulimas
Low:						Loimus
Lower:					        Loimisa
Lowered:					Loimumas
Loyal:						Lojalus
Loyalty:					Lojafiee
Luck:						Dalin
Lucked:					Dalijas
Lucky:					        Dalia
Lust:						Geisti
Lusted:					Geistija
Luster (shine):				Glamozi
Lusting:					Geistumas
Luxury:					Prasimo
Luxurious:					Natalia
Machine:					Dvirat
Made:						Fasonija
Magnetic:					Mavetas
Magnify:					Dlesti
Magnificent:					Nuostabus
Major: (Rank)                                  Majoras 
Majority:                                      Diduma
Make:						Fasona
Making:					Fasonimas
Man:						Mekn
Many:						Nyâsh
Main:						Okean
Male:						Xatina
Malise:					Xeisa
Mandalorian:					Xiemandokas
Manor (very large household, like Mansion:	Dvaras
Manual:					Zinyna
Marauder:  					Taral
Mark:						Apgamas
Marry:	              				Sefaz
Married:					Sefazji
Marrying:					Sefazimas
Marshal:					Telkte'
Mash:						Kose
Mass:			`			Misios
Mask:						Maskuoti
Master:   					Meistras
Mate:                                          Poru 
Mating:                                        Sturmanas 
Match:			          		Partija
Matter:					Dalykas
Mattered:					Dalykaji
Mature:					Bresti
Matured:					Brestijas
Matrix:					Matrica
May:						Galez
Me:       					Nun
Mean:						Zemas
Meaning:					Prasme
Meaningful:					Reksminis
Meaningless:					Beprasmis
Measure:					Metras
Measured:					Metrajia
Measures:					Metrasis
Measuring:					Metrasimas
Medallion:					Medalis
Medic:					Terafias
Medical:					Teraletas
Meditate:   					mastyti
Meditation Chamber:                            Qabbrat
Mediate:					Kisti
Mediator:					Kistarko
Medicine:					Magija
Mediocre:					Vidutin
Medium:					Aplink
Meeting/Gathering:				Pose'dis, pulinys
Meet:						Macias
Melee:					Fizikas
Message:                                       Dorzu
Messaged:                                      Dorzujas
Met:						Macij
Member:					Narys
Memory:					Atmena
Mercy:					Xalone
Merciful:					Xalonias
Merciless:					Xalonie
Metal (See Ore):				Metalas
Metropolis:					Metrostine
Minion:	   				Valikas
Mind:						Dvasi
Military:					Zariskas
Millennium:					Tukstanis
Mine:						Manosi
Minute:					Detalus
Misery:					Beda
Miserable:					Blogas
Miss:						Nezek
Misinformed:					Zentilaj
Misplace:					Nuaik
Misplaced:					Nuaikija
Missed:					Nezejek
Missing:					Nezejid
Missile:					Rakeja
Mission:					Kelegaz
Mist:						Migla
Mistake:					Flaide
Mistaken:					Flaida
Mix:						Misti
Might:						Jenga
Mighty:					Jengat
Misuse:					Jistnaud
Monitor:					Tikrinti
Mono:						Mono
Monolith:					Svaliuma
Month:					Mekuo
Monthly:					Mekuola
Moon:						Menuo
More:						Vel
Morning:   					Ausra
Mortal:					Morvel
Most:						Beze
Mother:					Motina
Mountain:					Kruva
Mourn:					Gedulas
Mourned:					Gedulija
Mourning:					Gedulimas
Mouth:					Burna
Move:						Akcij
Moved:					Akcija
Moving:					Akcimas
Much:                                          Nyâsh
Multiple:					Kartot
Multiply:					Sudaug
Murder:					Zudikas
Murderer:					Zudikad
Mutant:					Mestis
Mutate:					Mestifas
Mutated:					Mestijas
Mutating:					Mestumas
My:        					Nuyak
Myself:   					Ja've
Name:      					Vadinti
Named:					        Vadinija
Narcotic:					Nedjukot
Near:						Fe've
Neck:						Sprada
Necklace:					Kraroliai
Need:						Adata
Network:					Xinklas
Neural:					Nervinis
Never:						Niekada
Never the less:				Betgi
New:						Kitok
Newer:					Kitokas
Newly:					Kitovias
Next:						Kitas
Night:     					Naktis
Nice:						Grazus
Nicely:					Grazuka
Nightmare:                                     Nyeklas
Noble:						Bajoras
Nobility:					Bajoral
No:						Nie
Nod:						Fiae
Nodded:					Fiaeji
Nodding:					Fiaema
None:						Jorath
No-Force: 					Ne'Verztis
Non-Force Sensitive:   			Ne'Verslapta
Non-Ferrous:					Vaisnie
North:						Siaure
North West:					Siaurvak
North East					Siaurpet
Not:						Nenx
Nothing:					Niekas
Nose:						Suraz
Now:						Dabar
Obsolete:					Nemaz
Occur:						Detis
Odd:                                           Nely
Oddly:                                         Neliya
Of:						iv
Off:						Niant
Offer:						Doz'van
Offered:					Doz'vaji
Offering:					Doz'vamas
Officer:					Parifonas
Official:					Valdini
Oh:						Oy
Old:						Seniai
Older:						Seniaki
Omnipotent:					Visagalis
On:						Ant
One:                                           Wo
Once:						Kaxai
Only:						Tik
Open:						Anga
Opened:					Angaz
Opening:					Angami
Oppression: 					Prisejaumas
Oppressor:					Prisejausi
Operate:					Vadona
Operated:					Vadonijen
Operation:					Veikman
Operative:					Snipaz
Or:						Ax
Ore (See Metal):				Metalas
Orbit:						Uzmoj
Orbiting:					Uzmojax
Orbiter:					Uzmojin
Order:     					Tvarka
Organize:					Rengti
Organized:					Rengtij
Organization:					Rengtisan
Out:        					Del
Outside:					Delsie
Outsider:					Delsivan
Outer:						Fizinis
Output:					Gavyba
Over:						Prie
Overlord (Refers to a Guild/Clan Leader):	Zhejari
Own:						Savas
Owner:					        Savifas
Owned:					        Savjias
Owning:					Savumas
Oxygen (See Air Also):			        Deguonis
Pace:						Tempas
Pacify:					Fokusas
Pack:						Gauja
Package:					Gaujina
Padawan:					Kursanta
Pain:						Xela
Painful:					Xelami
Painless:					Xelanie
Park:						Aikztie
Part:						Detale
Parted:					Detalija
Parting:					Detalumas
Participant:					Sendrin
Participate:					Sendrini
Participated:					Sendrinja
Participating:					Sendrimas
Partner:					Zmona
Parsec:					Parsekas
Patron:					Sefank
Party:						Rautas
Pass:						Pasuo
Passion:  					Shâsot
Passionate:					Aistrinas
Past:						Prosal
Pay:						Alga
Path:                                          Qo
Peace:						Nwul
Pen:						Aptva
Penalty:					Bauda
Pensive:					ilgesingas
People:					Tauta
Perception:					Nuovoka
Perfect:                                       Sith
Perhaps:					Rasiz
Person:					Asmen
Personal:					Drivatuz
Personality:					Patz
Personify:					Fiamon
Persuade:					Viovasi
Persuaded:					Viovasija
Persuading:					Viovasina
PetroChem:					Benzinas
Photon:					Fotonas
Pick:						Atranka
Picked:					Atranija
Picking:					Atranimas
Picky:						Atraniza
Pillow:					Guolis
Pin:						Asis
Pinned:					Asijas
Pinpoint:					Asimasi
Pinpointed:					Asismasina
Pirate:					Niratiz
Pit:						Rusys
Pillar:					Kolona
Pilot:						Vadoza
Piloted:					Locmana
Piloting:					Locmani
Place:						Aikste
Plague:					Rykste
Plan:						Manti
Planned:					Mantijss
Planning:					Mantimas
Planet:					Planeta
Planet side (on the surface of a planet):	Planekosis
Platform:					Perona
Plea:						Dadix
Plead:						Dadixos
Please:					Dasixa
Plot:						Fabulaz
Plotted:					Fabulajen
Plotting:					Fabulamis
Poison:					Uzkres
Poisonous:					Uzkresumas
Polearm:					Kuolas
Pommel:					Dova
Popular:					Priein
Population:					Prienijen
Position:					Poziuris
Positive:					Dozitvus
Possess:					Jisteka
Possessed:					Jistekijas
Possession:					Jisteklas
Practice:					Laviti
Practiced:					Lavitias
Practicing:					Lavitinas
Practical:					Faktinis
Practically:					Beveik
Pragmatic:					Jiykus
Predator:   					Plesrunas
Predict:					Prognoze
Predicament:					Kategorij
Prepare:    					Taisytis
Prepared:					Taisyija
Preparing:					Taisyumas
Presence:					Akiva
Present:					Rodyti
Prestige:					Drestizas
Prestigious:					Drestizani
Prevent:					Akizas
Prevented:					Akizaija
Preventing:					Akizaina
Prevention:					Akizakis
Prey:						Auka
Price:						Faiza
Priceless:					Faizuna
Pride:						Virsune
Prideful:					Virsunas
Priest (See also Seer):			Kissai
Priest/Alchemist Suffix: [after ones name]     -Ulak
Prison:					Nelaise
Prisoner:  					Kalinys
Prime:						Aout
Primitive:					Senovikas
Privacy:					Vienuma
Private:					Vienujen
Probable:					Kezthis
Probably:					Kezthas
Problem:					Kezjumas
Problematic:				        Kezjulus
Produce:					Rezudax
Produced:					Rezudijas
Producing:					Rezudimas
Product:					Sandau
Production:					Kurinys
Profession:					Izadas
Professional:				        Izadaijen
Program:					Sarandas
Programmed:				        Sarandias
Programming:				        Sarandijas
Promotion:					Zejkama
Pronounce:					Tarzti
Prophet:                                       Vi'Kas
Protect:					Daboti
Protecting:					Dabotish
Protection:					Dabotin
Protector:					Taral
Protocol:					Valdzia
Project:					Planas
Projection:					Planjek
Projecting:					Plajima
Proper:					Tuzaei
Properly:					Tuzaejas
Propulsion:                                    Jeta
Protein:					Falymas
Provide:					Feikti
Provided:					Feikijas
Providing:					Feikumas
Picture:					Atvaiz
Piece:						Figura
Pierce:					Pragzre
Pierced:					Pragzijas
Piercing:					Pragzumas
Pile:						Malka
Platinum:					Platina
Play:						Zaist
Pleasure:					Mad'uo
Plenty:					Geroze
Plentiful:					Gerozij
Plow:						Pluzas
Potent:					Itakin
Potency:					Itakija
Port (Ship or Home area):	                Elgsina
Port (left side of a vessel):	                Doze
Pounce:					Metye
Potion:					Skystis
Power:					        Midwan
Powerful:					Midwanas
Precise:					Kreciza
Precision:					Krecizia
Prepare:					Fenorto
Prepared:					Fenories
Preparing:					Fenorimas
Punch:					        Niuksu
Pup (baby animal):				Suniuk
Pupil:                                         Syto
Purge:						Asipra
Push:						Postum
Put:						Deli
Quadruple:					Kevirtis
Quadrupled:					Kevirija
Qualify:					Ruostis
Quality:					Savybe
Quarters:					Gausanu
Quest:						Faejon
Question:					Falykas
Questioning:					Falykajin
Quit:						Suvis
Quitting:					Suvinas
Quite:						Visai
Race:						Rusis
Rage, Enraged:				        Audroti, Audraugas
Rain:						Zilti
Rainfall:					Ziltimano
Rainy:						Ziltingaz
Raise:						Kelti
Raised:					Keltij
Raising:					Keltimas
Ram:						Tazan
Rambunctious:				        Daidukas
Ran:						Kelas
Rancid:					Felnas
Rancor:					D'maseth
Range:					        Gama
Rank:      					Sieka
Rank (Smell):   				Sosle
Ranked:					Siekajas
Ranking:					Siekamas
Rather:					Unibas
Reach:					        Svera
Reached:					Sverija
Reaches:					Sveras
Reaching:					Sverimas
React:						Atoveik
Reacted:					Atoveija
Reacting:					Atoveimas
Reactor:					Raktorius
Read:						Rodyt
Reading:					Rodija
Ready:					        Guvus
Real:						Fashis
Reality:					Tsrove
Really:					Fashita
Realm:					        Shiris
Recent:					Naujas
Recommend:					Kromencia
Recommended:				        Kromencija
Recently:					Naujadi
Recondition:					Buvizijaz
Reconditioning:				Buvizakiz
Recognize:					Pazinti
Recognized:					Pazintijas
Recognition:					Pazintimas
Recognizing:					Pazintinas
Reconsider:					Gvlaik
Recruit:					Nuoti
Recruited:					Nuotija
Recruiter:					Nuotizo
Recruiting:					Nuotimas
Recycle:					Ti'Ciklas
Recycled:					Ti'Ciklujas
Recycling:					Ti'Ciklumas
Red:     					Rausvas
Redo:						Paszae
Refresh:					Gaivus
Refreshed:					Gaivuja
Refresher:					Gaivukas
Refreshing:					Gaivumas
Region:					Krastas
Reinforce:					Versti
Reinforced:					Verstijas
Relation:					Gimifosti
Related:					Giminjas
Relate:					Giminuo
Relax:						Pramos
Relaxed:					Pramoji
Relaxing:					Pramosa
Religion:					Sventen
Religious:					Sventae
Remain:					Staenas
Remainder:					Staenaji
Remaining:					Staenani
Remains:					Lavonas
Remember:					Dovanoti
Remind:					Mineti
Reminder:					Minetija
Reminded:					Minetika
Remove:					Klase
Removed:					Klasija
Removing:					Klasunas
Repair:					Kelione'
Replace:					Aisunak
Republic:					Resucejis
Reservation:					Tausokas
Reserve:					Tauso
Reserved:					Tausoti
Reserving:					Tausotijas
Reset:						Perrin
Resetting:					Perrinas
Respect:					Atzvil
Respectable:					Atzvisas
Respected:					Atzvilij
Respectful:					Atzvilo
Respecting:					Atzviluma
Rest:						Cezura
Rested:					Cezurija
Resting:					Cezurumas
Retract:					Itaka
Retry:						Antrini
Retried:					Antrijas
Return:					Atiduo
Reveal:					S'dies
Revealed:					S'dieja
Revealing:					S'diesuma
Revenge:                                       Kerstas
Revenged:                                      Kerstaji
Reverence:                                     Pagarus
Reverse:					Atulas
Reversed:					Atulija
Reversing:					Atulimas
Revolve:					Revlosa
Rib:						Gysla
Rich:						Sruta
Richer:					Srutana
Riches:					Srutifa
Richest:					Srutazima
Rid:						Jozi
Riddance:					Jozikas
Ride:						Aleja
Ridden:					Alejinas
Riding:					Alejumas
Rifle:						Satuvas
Rift:						Tarpe'
Right:						Status
Ring:						Rieve
Rise (as a command):     			Pradzia
Risen:						Keltimaz
Ritual:					Kutualas
River:						Upe
Robe:						Ruban
Robot:						Auotamas
Robotic:					Auotania
Rock:						Rokas
Rodain:					Jaud'isor
Rode:						Alejika
Roll:						Volas
Rolled:					Volasija
Rolling:					Volasumas
Round:                                         Eilie
Rounded:                                       Eilija
Rounding:                                      Eilimas 
Room:						Lavonin
Rope:						Pyne
Rose:						Rozete
Ruin:						Kzaevas
Ruined:					Kzaevijas
Ruining:					Kzaevinas
Rush:						Gusis
Rushed:					Gusija
Rushing:					Gusinas
Rot:						Gesti
Rotted:					Gestij
Rotting:					Gestimas
Rotate:					Kaital
Rotation:					Kaitalon
Rotating:					Kaitalima
Royal:						Karal
Royalty:					Karanol
Rough:					        Saizus
Roughed:					Saizuji
Rougher:					Saizuso
Roughly:					Saizusima
Rude:						Grubus
Ruin:						Kzaevas
Ruined:					Kzaevijas
Ruining:					Kzaevinas
Rule:                                          Chwayat
Run:        					Kelias
Running:					Keliamas
Rune:						Runa
You:       					j'us
Sacred:					Malotre'
Sacrifice:  					Aukotis
Sacrificial:					Aukifonas
Sad:						Niurus
Same:						Monot
Sanctuary:					Altorius
Sand:						Dran
Sanitary:					Higien
Sanitation:					Sanitirin
Savage:					Arsus
Save:                                          Suta
Saved:                                         Sutija
Saving:                                        Sutimas
Savor:                                         Stiuo
Savored:                                       Stiujas
Savoring:                                      Stiumas    
Say:						Zodis
Saw:						Dzirinti
Scale:						Kalez
Scaly:						Kalezina
Scan:						Sken
Scanner:					Skaity
Scanning:					Skaitiva
Scar:						Zyme
Scarred:					Zymeja
Scatter:					Drikti
Scepter:					Upraetor
Schematic:					Spauda
Screen:					Sirmas
Screened:					Kostias
Screening:					Kostijas
Score:						Balas
Scoring:					Izranta
Scout:						Skautas
Scouted:					Skautijas
Scouting:					Skautumas
Scroll:					Knja'ee
Sea:						Jurin
Search:					Krata
Searched:					Krataji
Searching:					Kratimas
Seal:						Ruonis
Secretive:					Xualuul
Secretly:					Xualias
See:						Ziur
Seems:					        Vaidas
Seen:						Aikstus
Seer (See also Priest):			Vaidila
Sector:					Ruozas
Secure:					Saugus
Secured:					Saugijas
Securing:					Saugumas
Security:					Uzstafas
Seduce:					Ryud'za
Seduced:					Ryud'zajen
Seduction:					Ryud'zami
Select:					Satranus
Sentinel:              		        Sergeti
Separate:					Hvala
Separated:					Hvalijas
Separating:					Hvalinas
Separation:					Hvalikas
Service:					Prievole
Serviced:					Prievolija
Servicing:					Prievounas
Set:						Enil
Setup:						Pretas
Setting:					Fonas
Secret:					Uzdar
Sedate:					Miega
Sedated:					Miegaji
Sedative:					Sviega
Seek:						Iezkon
Seeking:					Iezkonas
Self:						Ja'vie
Send:						Zaveti
Sender:					Zavetix
Sending:					Zavetiman
Sense:      					Reiksme
Sensed:					Reiksijsa
Sensing:					Reiksminas
Sentence:					Sodivas
Sentient Life:					Prota'Esybe
Sentry:					Kargeja
Separate:					Seriva
Separated:					Serijas
Separation:					Serivumas
Serious:					Rimtik
Servant:					Xarnait
Sever:						Keli
Several:					Keleri
Severe:					Astrus
Severed:					Kelija
Sex:						Lytis
Sexy:						Lytinis
Shade:						Ssra
Shadow:    					Hadzuska
Shaft:						Dumtra
Shake:						Trele
Shall:						Sekleti
Share:						Dalis
She:     					M'tye
Shin:						Blauzda
Ship:						Kraud
Shipment:					Ikrova
Shift:						Kaita
Should:					Setup
Shouldn't:					Setuni
Shuttle:					Kursuoti
Shoe:						Apava
Short:						Gurus
Shorter:					Gurunas
Shut:						Vosti
Show:						Parod
Shown:					        Parodim
Showing:					Parodinas
Side:						Salis
Sight:						Ziurti
Sin:						Yda
Since:						Harrix
Sit (as a command):      			Guleti
Site:                                          Sonas
Sith:       					Tsis
Sith'Ari:                      		Sith'Ari
Sith Lord:  					Sith'Jari
Sick:						Siund
Sickness:					Siundiz
Silver:					Siarbras
Silvery:					Skambus
Simple:					Haista
Simpler:					Haistes
Simplify:					Haistusti
Single:					Fazien
Sister (refer to one person):			Sessuo
Sisters (refer to many people):		Sessunas
Sisterhood:					Sessumas
Situate:					Vietone
Situated:					Vietonija
Situation:					Vietoves
Slack:						Zalius
Slander:					Smeizti
Slang:						Zargon
Slash: (cut with blade)                        Raiz
Slave:						Grotthu
Slice:						Skros
Slicer:						Skrisofas
Slip:						Ugiz
Slipped:					Ugizijas
Slipping:					Ugizinas
Slow:						Delsus
Slowed:					Delsuji
Slowing:					Delsumas
Small:						Nwit
Smaller:					Nwitsis
Smallest:					Nwitsuna
Smell:						Uosti
Smelling:					Uostimas
Smelt:						Uostija
Smooth:					Dailus
Smoother:					Dailuma
Smoothest:					Dailusas
Smoothly:					Dailusiza
Smuggle:					Davikas
Smuggled:					Davijas
Smuggling:					Davimas
Smuggler:					Kontrajia
Snap:						Uzka
Snapped:					Uzkija
Snapping:					Uzkamis
Snow:						Sniea
Snowing:					Sniejas
Snowy:					        Snieavi
So:						Mazo
Soft:						Tylus
Softer:					Tylusina
Softest:					Tylusuna
Softness:					Tylusima
Sorcerer:					Ragortos
Sorcerer Prefix: [goes before ones name]       Zel-
Sorceress:					Ragortas
Sorcery:					Raganius
Social:					Vakaras
Socially:					Vakarnias
Society:					Burelis
Soldier:					Karis
Solo:						Sojini
Some:						Kair
Something:					Kaienas
Someone					Kaiefas
Somewhere:					Kaiejunis
Son:                                           Su'us
Soon:						Veek
Sooner:					Veekij
Sorrow:					Liudesys
Sorrowful:					Liudeti
Sorry:		        			Liudnas
Sort:						Klasi
Sought:					Prasti
Soul:       					Vele
Sound:					        Geros
Sounded:					Gerosi
Sounding:					Gerosijas
South:						Pietin
Southern:					Pietinis
South West:					Pietvaka
South East:					Pietciai
Space:						Vieta
Spacer (off planet foreigners. An insult)	Santuris
Spat:						Nuriji
Speak:						Byloti
Spear:                                         Sutta
Spectre (Dark Side version of Force Ghost):	Jevlas
Spoke: 					Pagalys
Spoken:					Pagalyina
Speechless:					Kalbijas
Speech:					Kalbinis
Speed:						Greitis
Spice:						Ci'kani
Spider:					Keptuve'
Spike:						Varpa
Spin:                                          Sutuk
Spit:						Nuri
Spitting:					Nurimas
Spouse:					Sutuok
Spread:					Erdve
Spy:						Sekti
Spying:					Sektinas
Spied:						Sektijas
Stab:                                          Jega
Staff:						Novas
Stake:						Mietas
Stalk:						Neziox
Stalker:					Nezioti
Stamina:					Lisvere
Stance:					Poza
Stand						Kioska
Standing:					Kiosti
Staple:					Alkun
Star:						Zibeti
Starboard (right side of a vessel):		Statu
Start:						Pradme
State:						Busena
Statement:					Sakinys
Station:					Vetiega
Steady:					S'vieno
Steal:						Vogti
Steed:						Juyod
Steel:						Nuozmus
Stim:						Satulys
Stim-Pack:					Satulikas
Stimulant:					Paskata
Stimulate:					Satinti
Stimulated:					Satinjas
Stimulation:					Satinumas
Stock:						Veisle
Stomp:					        Konu
Stone:						Akmuo
Stop / Hault:                          	Akida
Strand:					Gija
Street:					Getve
Strength:   					Tyûk
Strengthen:					Tyûksas
Strengthened:					Tyûksuja
Stress:					Stresas
Stressed:					Stresijas
Stressful:					Stresinas
Strike:					Fetiz
Striker:					Fetizos
Strip:						Telaas
Stripped:					Telaasis
Stripper:					Telaasias
Stripping:					Telaasijas
Strong:                                        Viekis
Stronger:                                      Viekisas
Structure:					Vordusas
Struggle:                                      Shâsot
Stuff:						Peneti
Stuffed:					Penejia
Stuffing:					Penetimas
Style:						Braizas
Subtract:					Minuz
Succeed:					Klotiz
Success:					Klotis
Successful:					Klotingas
Succession:					Seka
Successor:					K'zerem
Suffer:					Kesti
Suffered:					Kestija
Suffering:					Kesmas
Suffrage:					Kezius
Sullistan:					Mir'galva
Summon:     					Reiklauti
Super:						Isrorin
Supply:					Fazulax
Supplier:					Fiek'jax
Supreme:                                       Sith
Sure:						Tikra
Surface:					Isore
Surly:						Tikruas
Surrender:					Rajidona
Surrendered:					Rajidonjas
Surround:   					Supti
Surrounded:					Suptija
Surrounding:					Suptimas
Suspect:					Itarin
Suspected:					Itarinaji
Suspecting:					Itarinumas
Suspense:					Lukstis
Suspend:					Kyboti
Swear Words (Fu**, Shi*, A$$hole):	        Sudas, Asilas, Ryaeste
Switch:					Zabas
Switched:					Zabaji
Switching:					Zabasas
Swoop Bike (speeder, Air speeder etc…):	Lamorjeta
Sword:					        Spaga
Syndicate:					Sijgataz
Syndrome:					Nepriet
System:					Visata
Synthetic:					Sinteinis
Table:						Lenta
Taint:						Solu
Tainted:					Soli
Take:       					Vykti
Taken:					        Vyktija
Taking:					Vyktimas
Talk:						Deretis
Talked:					Deretija
Talking:					Deretimas
Tall:						Augus
Taller:					Augunis
Tamper:					Klastia
Tampered:					Klastija
Tampering:					Klastimas
Tank:						Bakas
Target:					Adresa
Taste:						Skonis
Tasted:					Skoniji
Tasting:					Skonimas
Taught:					Mokijas
Teach:      					Mokyti
Teacher:                                       Mokestros
Teaching:  					Mokslas
Tear(s):                                       Asara
Teeth:						Skylum
Tend:						Rupin
Teleport:					Kersesti
Teleported:					Kersesina
Teleporter:					Kerseuni
Teleporting:					Kersesijas
Telescope:					Delekofa
Tell:       					Liepti
Temper:					Grudin
Temperature:					Amosfera
Templar:					Dvenjiin
Temple					        Sventove
Tempt:					        Vilioti
Temptation:					Vilione
Tempted:					Viliotij
Tempting:					Viliotimas
Tense:						Ciau
Terminate:					Kofonior
Terminator:					Kofonias
Termination:					Kofonijas
Thank:					        Dazek
Thanked:					Dazekija
Thanking:					Dazekumas
That:						Anas
The:   					Tave
Thee:						Tauz
Theft:						Vagid
Them:    					Savimi
There:						Antai
These:                                         Temias
They:    					Tau
Thick:						Drutas
Think:						Minti
Thinking:					Minauti
This:						Sis
Thief:						Vagis
Those:                                         Edoui
Thou:						Tujinti
Though:					Nors
Thought:					Ideja
Threat:                                        Gresme
Threaten:                                      Gresti
Threatening:                                   Gresmingas
Threw:					        Dauzija
Through:					Pro
Throw:					        Chwit
Throwing:					Chwituskak
Thru:						Esme
Thrust:                                        Jega
Thin:						Laibas
Thinner:					Laibanis
Thinnest:					Laibasima
Thug:						Devaas
Thunder:					X'aviera
Thunderous:					X'avieja
Thy:						Tujenti
Tie:                                           Nin
Till:						Kaza
Time:						Amzi
Timed:					        Amzis
Timing:					Amzimas
Tip:						Filt
Tire (EG: I tire of this discussion):		Alsu
Tired:						Alsija
Tiresome:					Nuobodus
Tissue:					Audiny
To:    			                Kia
Too:						Kian
Today:				        	Nudien
Tomorrow:					Rytojus
Tonight:                                       Sianakt 
Took:						Vyktial
Tools:						Inagis
Tome:						Ritinys
Tomb:						Kapas
Tong:						Nerija
Top:						Atlanka
Topic:						Temaz
Topple:					Uzuoim
Torment:					Pjauti
Tormented:					Pjautijas
Tormenting:					Pjautumas
Tormentor:					Pjautivas
Torso: (upper body, back, chest etc)           Tukuro
Tortured:					Kamuojas
Torturing:					Kamuonas
Torture:					Kamuoti
Touch:                                         Potep
Touched:                                       Potepja
Touching:                                      Potepumas  
Tournament:					Turnyras
Town:						Miestik
Toxic:						Nuofinas
Toxin:						Tuofinas
Track:						Ciuze
Trade ( Same thing as Transaction):		Amatas
Train:                                         Ty'ee
Trained:                                       Tyres
Trainee:                                       Tyro
Transfer:					Peresti
Transferred:					Perestija
Transferring:					Perestimas
Translate:					Threjes
Translated:					Threjias
Translating:					Threjinas
Translator:					Threjesi
Transport:					Vezioti
Transportation:				Veziotija
Transporting:					Veziotimas
Tranquil:					Tyla
Tranquility:					Tylazia
Trap:						Neda
Trapped:					Nedazij
Trapper:					Nedazi
Trapping:					Nedamas
Trash:						Slastaj
Travel						Zvelgti	
Treasure:					Kranjen
Treasurer:					Kranjensi
Treasury:					Kranjimas
Trend:						Srove
Treaty:					Sutartis
Trick:						Fue'tas
Tricky:					Fue'tazi
Trigger:					Tukas
Trial:						Veloti
Triple:					Trigubas
Tripled:					Trigujias
Trouble:					Deja
Troubled:					Dejasij
Troubling:					Dejamus
True:						Tiesa
Truly:						Tiesanu
Trust:                                         Jostas
Trusted:                                       Jostijas
Trusting:                                      Jostimas  
Truth:						Saarai
Truthful:					Saaraias
Turn:						Eile
Turned:					Eilija
Turning:					Eilemas
Twist:						Merga
Twisted:					Mergija
Twisting:					Mergamus
Type:						Rusiz
Typical:					Tipikas
Twi'lek, Lekku:				Sekrys, Sekiy
Ultimatum:                                     U'zetimas
Unavoidable:					Saintikas
Unaware:					Neamoni
Unbreakable:                                   Takoski
Unending:					Jad'usem
Undo:						Nedary
Undone:					Nedakis
Unfortunate:					Nidesmi
Universe:					Kozimos
Universal:					Visada
Unknown:					Thenoti
Ugly:						Daojin
Unbind:                                        Risklase 
Unconditional:	     			        Buvizaud
Uncover:					Avozti
Under:					        Zeprie
Underground (smuggler network):		Zeprivlas
Underneath:					Vidjue
Understand:					Moketi
Understanding:				        Jautrus
Understood:					Protingas
Uncle:						Brosias
Unfamiliar:					Noamin
Uniform:					Tolygin
Unite:						Xunj'ti
United:					Xunj'tis
Uniting:					Xunj'timas
Unlimited:					Renjotas
Unto:						Je'sae
Unwelcome:					Gelosas				
Up:        					Xok
Uplink:					Diakis
Uplinked:					Diakijas
Uplinking:					Diakimas
Upload:					Danuak
Uploaded:					Danuaji
Uploading:					Danumas
Upon:						Sh'jatau
Upset:						Sujaud
Upside:					Tol'gart
Urge:						Foruoz
Urged:					        Foruoji
Urging:					Foruomas
Us:						Mus
Usage:					        Elgtach
Use:						Elgtis
Used:						Elgtija
Using:						Elgtimas
Utopia:					Galerixa
Valley:					Klonin
Value:						Kainza
Valuable:					Kainzan
Vantage:					Pradazum
Vault:						Pozemis
Vengeance:                                     Xakersta
Vegetables:					Auglasas
Vein:						Vena
Venom:					        Pagieza
Veracious:					Kruopsti
Verdict:					Nuomone
Versus:					Zujiin
Very:						Itin
Vertical:					Menturi
Vertically:					Menturik
Vex:						Erzinti
Vibro:						Virbeti
Vibro-Knuckle:				        Virketulas
Vicarious:					Nuviska
Vice: (Spice, drugs, sliced goods, slavery):	Vergozi
Victim:					Nukente
Victor:					Pergali
Victory:					Asha
Victorious:					Pergalenas
View:						Maty
Village:					Sodzius
Vindictive:					Fi'Zumar
Vintage:					Senoviz
Virus:						Firusa
Viscous:					Tasuz
Visible:					Matomas
Vision:     					Vaizdas
Visit:						Svesi
Visited:					Svesias
Visiting:					Svesijas
Visitor:					Svesian
Visor:						Sky
Vixen:						Lape
Void:						Laisvas
Volume:					Talpa
Voluptuous:					Treves
Waiste:                                        Juos
Wait:						Saut
Waited:					Sautija
Waiting:					Sautumas
Wall:						Siena
Was:						Meo
Wasn't:					Meo'n
Wash:						Sanaz
Washed:					Sanazi
Washing:					Sanazimas
Watch:					        Ziureti
Watched:					Ziuretija
Watcher:                                       Ziuraku
Watching:					Ziuretimas
Way:						Qo
We:     					Mes
Weak:						Skystas
Weaken:					Silpnumi
Weakening:					Siblokdi
Weakling:					Gleznas
Weakness:				   	Silpnuma
Wealth:					Fasuna
Wealthy:					Fasunika
Wealthier:					Fasunizas
Wealthiest:					Fasunijen
Weapon:					Ginklas
Weaponsmith:				        Kalviklas
Wear:						Aprani
Wearer:					Apranikos
Wearing:					Apranijas
Weary:		  			        Sinnas
Welcome:					Zhelosa
Welcomed:					Zhelosija
Welcoming:					Zhelosuma
Well:						Duobe'
West:						Vakarin
Wet:                                           Masz
Wetly:                                         Maszij'us
Wetter:                                        Maszios
When:						Tikazi
Where:					        Tikurzi
Whine:					        Zkuso
Whining:					Zkusimas
White:  					Zilas
Who:                                           Kuris 
Whose:                                         Kienis
Who's:                                         Kurise'
Whole:                                         Visas
Whom:                                          Ka’ur 
Why:						Kodel
Wife:						Foxa
Wild:						Tijas
Win:						Dujoz
Winner:					Dujozi
Winning:					Dujozimas
Witch:						Orto
With:						Su
Withdraw:					Atitra
Withdrawn:					Atitrak
Within:					Atitrazi
Without:					Lauke
Wish:						Geida
Wished:					Geidaji
Wishing:					Geidamas
Wake:                                          Vesuo
Wake Up:                                       Vexok
Water:						Vanduo
Want:						Noret
Wanted:					Noretija
Wanting:					Noretumas
War:						Karza
Wares:					        Aprav
Warn:						Zenklas
Warned:					Zenklijas
Warning:					Zenkumas
Warrior:    					Massassi
Waste:					        Dziuti
Wasted:					Dziutija
Wasting:					Dziutimas
Wear:						Aveti
Wearing:					Avetimas
Weather:					Oraz
Weeping:                                       Dauti
Wet:						Vanks
What:						Kam
Whatever:					Joks
Whisper:					Kuzdeti
Width:					        Platum
Will:						Valia
Wind:                                          Vejas
Wine:						Vynas
Wire:						Metalai
Wireless:					Radijas
Woke:                                          Vesues
Wool:						Vilna
Wooly:					        Vilnasi
Worn:						Noziota
Worry:					        Tasti
Wither:					Sauzra
Wipe:						Brauk
Woman:					        Moteris
Won:						Uzsit
Wookiee:					Ar'Drasa
Word:                                          Redis
Wording:                                       Redisimas
World:					        Visuom
Worse:					        Niedul
Worth:					        Kaina
Worthy:					Z'kaina
Work:						Savaka
Worked:					Savakes
Worker:                                        Savorka
Working:					Savakias
Would:					        Tariam
Wouldn't:					Tarianie
Would've:					Tariakus
Wraith:					Jeviso
Wrap:						Skara
Wrapped:					Skaraji
Wrapping:					Skaraimas
Wreck:					        Atlauz
Wreckage:					Atlauza
Write:						Autorius
Writing:					Autorimas
Written:					Autorijas
Wrong:					        Nedro
Wrongly:					Nedrosa
Xeno:						Zu'el
X-ray:						Kuraja
Year:						Kursas
Yearly:					Kursana
Yellow:  					Trynys
Yes:						Xaz
Yesterday:					Vakar
You:						Tu
Your(s):					Tu'iea
Yourself:					Tu'Saen
Zabrak:					Vygauch
Zeal:                                          Strosua
Zealous:                                       Strosius
Zen:						Ramus
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